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    Primordialist Epic Progression

    Hit Die: d10
    Skill Points: 4 + intelligence modifier

    22nd|Bonus Feat
    24th|Bonus Feat
    26th|Bonus Feat
    28th|Bonus Feat
    30th|Bonus Feat[/table]

    Maneuvers: A Primordialist's initiator level continues to advance into the epic levels, remaining equal to their class level. They do not gain any additional maneuvers readied as they gain in level.

    Bonus Feat: A Primordialist cannot continue to advance their legendary ascension without pursuing one of the Epic Destinies available to them. Without one, their continued experience leads only to more conventional understanding. At every even level, the Primordialist gains a bonus feat drawn from the Epic Primordial Bonus Feat list below.

    Epic Primordialist Bonus Feat List: Armor Skin, Combat Insight, Damage Reduction, Devastating Critical, Dire Charge, Duel Stance Mastery, Empower Maneuver, Epic Blade Meditation, Epic Endurance, Epic Leadership, Epic Prowess, Epic Skill Focus (Knowledge: The Planes), Epic Toughness, Epic Weapon Focus, Epic Will, Improved Combat Reflexes, Improved Whirlwind Attack, Martial Knowledge, Maximize Maneuver, Overwhelming Critical, Penetrate Damage Reduction, Signature Move, Strike of the Duel Adept, Strike of the Triadic Master, Superior Initiative

    (Pretty much everything, including the epic martial adept feats like Epic Blade Meditation, stolen from Krimm Blackleaf's Epic Martial Adept writeup)


    A note on Epic Destinies, quoted from the original Wizards of the Coast 3.5 Epic Destiny article:
    New Feat: Epic Destiny
    You have a destiny beyond that of other adventurers.
    Prerequisite: 21st level, any other requirements listed in the epic destiny's description.
    Benefit: Choose an epic destiny. You gain that epic destiny's benefits at 21st, 24th, 27th, and 30th level. When you have this feat, you do not gain additional feats at 24th, 27th, or 30th level.


    Epic Destiny: Face of the Titans

    You have sacrificed yourself to become something ancient and powerful beyond measure. It is not just your humanity that is gone now; it has been a long time since you were anything resembling a human or demihuman. No, your Self, that which is you is gone. Forever. And in its place, a tale of horror and woe has awoken to bring this multiverse to its final, bloody end.

    Requirements: 21st level, Primordial Cosmic Principle: Path of the Greater Shintai

    21st|Primordial Epic Panoply
    24th|Effortless Primordial Dominance
    27th|Primordial Essence Triumphant
    30th|Primordial Glory Incarnate[/table]

    Primordial Epic Panoply
    At 21st level, you expand your spiritual self such that you may dissolve any magic item that you have possessed for at least 24 hours, melting it into virtual value, which you may accrue over time, spending it similarly to how you constructed your Panoply for the Path of the Greater Shintai. Furthermore, virtual items that you have already fused with yourself may be upgraded for the price difference between the old and new item. (For example, an Amulet of Health +2, valued at 4,000gp may be upgraded to an Amulet of Health +4, valued at 16,000gp, by spending 12,000gp of your dissolved wealth. If you then wished to use something else in your Neck Magic Item Slot, you could upgrade your Amulet of Health +4 into a Slotless Item of Health +4, for 16,000gp a slotless item being worth twice as much as a slotted item.)

    Effortless Primordial Dominance
    At 24th level, you spiritually purify yourself in preparation for true transcendence. You no longer have a Favored, and you lose all maneuvers from the associated discipline. Instead, your cease to have a number of Maneuvers Readied. All of your maneuvers are considered to be Readied at all times, and you do not expend maneuvers by using them. Your expression of your legend is completely effortless.

    Primordial Essence Triumphant
    At 27th level, your expression of your Patron's power becomes greater still. When you make a full-attack action, each attack may be a different Strike you have readied that has an initiating action of one Standard Action. You may not use the same Strike twice in one full-attack.

    Primordial Glory Incarnate
    At 30th level, you are at the very cusp of shattering all boundaries and becoming your Patron fully and utterly, but unbound and unbroken. Their secrets are laid bare to you. The time required to use Seeking the Scattered Glories is reduced from 24 hours to 1 swift action, and you may substitute virtual wealth absorbed into you via Primordial Epic Panoply in place of the focusing ingredients. You may innovate new maneuvers as quickly as you can think of them, as long as they work thematically.

    Immortality: Primordial Worldshaper Assumption

    You and your Patron are now one being. In this single instant, you become a plane-spanning monstrosity beyond even godly comprehension, capable of slaying deities as a triviality.

    As Malfeas, you are a city and a sun, shattering the Great Wheel into scattered fragments amidst your multitude of streets and skyscrapers, swallowed by a billion billion demons, and bathed in nuclear sunfire for all time.

    As Cecelyne, you are a desert and a tyrant without mercy or hope. Every plane is at once filled with your infinite expanse, drowning innumerable innocents in your malice as flesh-flaying sandstorms and skin-peeling heat annhilate all that cling to life.

    As She Who Lives In Her Name, you are the Ten Thousand Spheres, encompassing All That Is. All things, living and otherwise, are stripped of their free will as you make them to dance in an endless clockwork rhythm to your alien designs.

    As Adorjan, you are the Winds of Chaos. As the Silent Wind, you bleed the sound from all the worlds of the multiverse. As the Splintered Gale, you teach the living and the dead of your wisdom until their minds are sundered into nothing. As the Crimson Wind, you claim all flesh and all souls for yourself. And as the Scarlet Rapture, you end everything in a cataclysm of pure ecstatic freedom.

    As The Ebon Dragon, you are all darkness, both literal and metaphorical. Where you go, all virtue and light is extinguished. In the coming dusk of All Things, there will be nothing but pain, nothing but loss, nothing but fear, nothing but heartfelt pleas for death that will never be answered.

    As The Infernal Monster, you are rage and death and murder. Never has their been carnage like that which you have become. The Wheel overflows with blood as its denizens drown in their own gore. All life serves as your sport and your buffet, happily mewling at your feet as you disembowel it over. And over. And over.

    Epic Destiny: The Arisen Eidolon

    In stark contrast to those who would be satisfied to be the puppet of the fallen titans, you have shown the will and the ingenuity to strike out in a path that this cosmos has never before witnessed. You stand on no other's shoulders, and so lack the raw power that such dependence would grant. But, in exchange, you have your freedom and, perhaps, a remnant of your humanity.

    Requirements: 21st level, Primordial Cosmic Principle: Path of the Supernal Titan

    21st|Eidolon Shintai-Body Jouten
    24th|Eidolon World-Body Jouten
    27th|Eidolon Pantheon Unfurling
    30th|Eidolon Essence Overwhelming[/table]

    Eidolon Shintai-Body Jouten
    At 21st level, much as you have already defined yourself with new, personalized versions of the Anima of Power, Primordial Mythos Exultant, and similar class features, you may now create your own Greater Shintai, permanently altering yourself into some awe-inspiring colossus or terrible natural disaster. This functions identically to The Path of the Greater Shintai class feature of the Primordialist, and the Primordial Epic Panoply benefit of the Face of the Titans epic destiny, with one exception. The negative level penalties gained by defying your legend can never drop your effective level below 1. The miniscule vestige of humanity you retain prevents you from being fully burnt out and killed by repeated infractions.

    Eidolon World-Body Jouten
    At 24th level, you grow to further resemble the ancient Baernoloths, in your own way. Much as they were legends and creatures, they were also worlds. Upon gaining this level, you begin to grow a second body. This body exists somewhere adjacent to the Great Wheel, but not necessarily connected to it yet. Over the course of a few days, this second body completes its gestation and becomes a new plane of existence. You may determine its size, up to a maximum of roughly 2,400 miles in radius (for every new level you gain, you may add up to 100 more miles in radius to the plane).

    This new plane is a part of you, and its geography and other features resemble you in an allegorical sense. Are you a vast sea of poison and spite? Or are you a stalwart alabaster tower of light and righteousness? Perhaps a great mountain, unmoving and uncaring, but perfect in its endurance?

    After these decisions have been made, they cannot be willingly changed by the character. In fact, vast alterations to the landscape can be detrimental to you. Your plane-self does not have a hit point total but, for instance, if you are a forest of serenity and vitality, and an intruder begins to burn your world to the ground, you suffer for it. As a general rule, every 100 miles of gross mutilation inflicts a virtual negative level (much like defying your legend). This will heal naturally as your story re-asserts itself, about 1 mile per week, although you may speed recovery by physically fixing the changes yourself (such as trans-planting new trees from other planes, which will be absorbed and re-imagined into your likeness). Each negative level remains until the wound that causes it has been repaired.

    At any time, you may choose to connect your world-body to another plane. Planar travel to your world-body only functions from a plane that you have connected yourself to. As a standard action, at-will, you may shift from a connected plane to your world-body or from your world-body to your a connected plane. While on your world-body, this is an extraordinary power, but while on another plane, it is considered a spell-like ability with a caster level equal to your initiator level. Once you have connected your world-body to a plane, you may not disconnect them.

    Eidolon Pantheon Unfurling
    At 27th level, your titanhood progresses further. A Baernoloth is a legend, and a creature, and a world, and a people. This final truth you must now embody.

    Upon gaining this level, you extrude a Titanic Heart. Your Heart is a pure representation of your absolute most core principle, stripped of everything else. The Green Sun is the Heart of Malfeas - once you strip away everything else, his core is a ball of fiery death that hates everything. This being is always an Outsider whose home plane is your world-body. It should be constructed with an ECL of (your character level - 2), or less if you feel it is appropriate for some reason. Whether you base its stats off of character classes, a monster chassis, templates, or what-not, it is always a unique being. As a rule, it cannot have access to a martial discipline that embodies a Baernoloth, nor can it ever own an Epic Destiny.

    If your Titanic Heart is ever killed, its essence flees into the depths of your world-body, rejuvenating itself over the course of a year and a day, before being reconstituted back to life. You may speed up this process by paying a full level of experience, which resurrects them immediately.

    While alive, however, your Titanic Heart has a special function. While within your world-body, it may create new forms of life. In the course of 24 hours, it may create a creature that resonates with one of your themes, and that has a starting combined (racial hit die + level adjustment) total no greater than 6. These creatures breed true and will begin to act independently, as dictated by their intelligence, and the theme from which they were made (a race of lion-folk built on a theme of Courage will, regardless of what alignment they move towards, always have a strong propensity to be courageous). The default attitude of any individual member of your sired races to you is always Fanatical, although this may change as normal. There is no limit to the number of different races your Heart may create.

    If you wish to have your Heart create something grander in scale, it may devote 1 month per ECL, up to ECL (your character level - 5), to create a singular unique being from one of your themes. Once again, the only limitation on the number of these creations that may be forged is the time one's Heart is willing to invest.

    Eidolon Essence Overwhelming
    At 30th level, you begin to scratch the surface of how you might utilize your unique powers to surpass even the Baernoloths themselves. To some, it may seem that you have merely become one of them - but you have the potential to be so much more. Whereas they are one legend, you are a legend that still contains the capacity to reach into other narratives for power, as evidenced by your two Favored. This is what you have accomplished in a scant few years of life. What might you be, given a few more millennia of your ageless lifespan?

    Firstly, every time you innovate a new maneuver for one of your Favored, you may immediately add a new maneuver to Your Discipline as well (of the same or lower level), for free and without expending the normal time or sacrifice.

    Secondly, whenever you expend a readied maneuver belonging to one of your Favored disciplines, you may immediately unready that maneuver and ready a previously un-readied maneuver belonging to Your Discipline, which begins unexpended.

    Immortality: A New Age Dawns
    None but you can say exactly what your influence on the cosmos will be. But one thing is certain - you are an immensely powerful being the likes of which has never existed before, and your grandeur is still yet in its infancy.

    Perhaps you are The Sea That Marched Against The Flame, and you will swallow the sun and extinguish all light, before drowning the Wheel in your poisonous tide.

    Or perhaps you are The Emerald Prince Reborn, fated to return the universe back to its original state of chaos and infinite potential where things like time and causality mean nothing at all.

    Or perhaps you are The Radiant Abbess, whose rays of purifying compassion will cleanse the Lower Planes into a font of life and prosperity, ushering in a new dawn of peace and happiness for every denizen of the multiverse.

    Or perhaps you are The Gnostic Pariah, content to leave behind this realm that has become too small for you, and venture out in a blazing comet beyond the Wheel, beyond the Far Realm, beyond anything you could ever imagine, and find new worlds and new things.

    Or perhaps... something else entirely.
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