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    Hoffy T. Oast

    Alias: None

    Gender: Male

    Race: Elf

    Age: 17

    Alignment: Neutral Good

    Class: Shape shifter

    Power: Normal 2, Strategy mode 4-6 (depends on situation)

    Description: A large slice of toast. About 5 foot 1 inches. See my avatar.

    Personality: Hoffy is a jolly guy who gets joy from making people smile. He likes to make friends and avoids fights at as much as possible. He is very clumsy, almost stupid, and is always messing something up which constantly gets him in trouble. When in combat or dire situations, he can switch into strategy mode (strategy mode can be identified when he puts on his sunglasses) which greatly boost his intelligence to phenomenal levels.
    (For more on strategy mode look in the spoiler)

    Hoffy in strategy mode

    Hoffy is actually a genius with an IQ that's said to be over 180. He just pretends to be stupid because "It's more fun!" he says. For some reason, putting on sunglasses helps him think and focus better.
    He doesn't know the meaning of "quit" and will do whatever it takes to save his friends (that's why his power depends on the situation). He also has a strange hatred of any objects that begin with an F.

    Equipment: A fiery boomerang, sunglasses, smoke bombs, and panda feed. You never know when you're gonna need panda feed.

    Abilities: Shape shifting and strategy mode.

    Backstory: When Hoffy was 10, he found a shape shifting scroll in his elven village and acquired its powers. Unfortunately, the scroll was very sacred and reading was punishable by death. He fled his village and has been on the run ever since. His most common and recognizable form is toast, because his only good memory of his home was the toast his mom made for him. No one has ever seen his original form since he left his home.
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