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    Alias: "Syren."

    Gender: Female. Quite abundantly so.

    Race A true succubus, although she often wears the form of a 20-something young woman with long scarlet hair. Her horns and wings remain hidden most of the time.

    Age: A little hard to judge. Certainly longer than most mortal lifetimes but has the appearence of a 27/28 year old.

    Alignment: True Neutral. Yes, she does feed on life energy and yes, sometimes humans don't survive the process. She is not out and out evil. She is what she is.

    Class/Profession: After her initial summoning and first "encounter" in the Nexus, she is experiencing a creative streak and trying her hand at becoming a bard. This also extends to dancing as well.

    Power Rating: Unknown but pretty low. Generally tries to avoid combat unless she has absolutely no other alternative.

    Description: Pretty much as above, except she's dressed now. Currently wearing tan leather britches that stop short halfway down the lower leg, with black leather boots. She is also wearing a white silk shirt that is slightly too small for her and leaves the top half of her torso somewhat exposed but not scandalously so. Over the top of the shirt she wears a dark green cotton tunic.

    Personality: An absolute charmer, as only to be expected. Prone to introspection and occasionally appears shy and innocent around people. How much of this is an act and how much is actually true remains to be seen.

    Equipment: Very little at present aside from the clothes she wears and a wooden harp. The harp is non-magical.

    Abilities: Fairly weak in combat, she relies more on her personality and charm. She has a natural allure to most people but does not use magic to seduce and bewitch people when a low-cut top and sweet words are so much more effective. Can fly if needed but involves unfolding her wings and showing her true form, which she is reluctant to do. While draining the life energy of people through traditional succubus methods, it leaves her victim with extremely pale skin as to be almost white and drains their hair of colour, turning it grey/white. She absorbs something of their personality for a while afterwards. NOTE: THIS DOES NOT EXTEND TO ABSORBING POWERS, more a little of their "spark": a warrior drained by her would give her an urge to seek combat, an artist would inspire her to do works of art. Draining someone with the ability to hurl meteors from space would NOT give her the power to do the same.

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