Interesting...sounds like that family has quite the grudge to bear.

As for the amount of work...I'm trying to become a novelist, so I can pass this off as training. Totally. Plus, I *have* to type fast. Even with two snippets now and skipping most of the fights, I'm running behind!

Morons and Mine-shafts

So we finally reached the next destination.

It takes a long time to get places, but cars are much better than walking. Not as good as teleporting, though. At least the trips are uneventful. That's lucky, because there are zombies almost everywhere.

In any case, after several days traveling in the desert, we have reached another city.

The obelisk here is not white as the others were, but a marbled black-red. A...wonderful thing to see.

Elle found where the cars are stored. Since our horse will show signs of use (and can but used by anyone, thanks to her breaking it open), we moved our suppliers to a large, square one. Elle unlocked properly this time, so it should escape notice.

We then went in search of this tower's guardian. Thankfully, it was a simple task. It's a dwarf, which I'm sure Logrim is glad to see. Or was. He was wearing heavy armor and carried a large warhammer.

Unfortunately, he was very drunk. Nothing he said made any sense, and he didn't seem to know where he was. This didn't stop him from making trouble for us.

When we tried to get him to make sense, he made reference to someone that 'should have stayed in their hole'. He kept going...until finally seeming to address Logrim.

“You need to STAY in your HOLE!”

With that, he smashed the floor with the hammer, making a deep hole in the ground, which he told Logrim to stay in.

A hole so deep we couldn't see the bottom, and the idiot jumped into on orders of a drunk who didn't know who he was. I just...I can't believe this. On top of everything else, this just...

Oh, good. And now it's raining.

Logrim had to shed his armor so he would float. There isn't anything we can do for him, so we're setting up to rest.

Several in-character days later...

Into hell itself! This cannot fail.

Well, the drunk guardian got sober. And Logrim managed to stay afloat until morning.

The guardian is called Dakmar. He failed to keep the devils from taking the obelisk, and has been drunk ever since. He says the inside will have become an offshoot of the Nine Hells.

I knew that I would go there...the terms of the pact say that

Dakmar agreed to open the door for us, if we drank his...concoction...

We have been insensibly drunk since. That was nearly a week ago. Incidentally, the...substance...also serves as fuel. I woke up wearing some of Elle's clothes. I do NOT want to know. Nor does she.

Both a horrific hangover and smacked across the face until her hand hurt. For something I'm pretty sure I didn't do.

This just...I just...ugh.

In any case, we found some more clothing for Elle.

The obelisk had, in place of the usual moral tests, an opening into one of the Nine Hells. It was burning hot within, at first. Cold, later.

The only thing of particular note was that we encountered two teiflings chained to a wall. One was dead...the one barely living. Kaldrig says his power told him she wasn't evil.

She came to well after we got clear of the obelisk. Her name is Neeshka, and she will travel with us for the time being.

She can perceive the touch of other planes, due to her heritage. She knew Kaldrig was blessed, and that I am cursed.

I am glad we're done with the Hells for now. We'll be back...

We now are heading somewhere new. Because of Neeshka joining us, we took the larger vehicle. Elle is not pleased. She liked that mustang.