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    Forgive the quality of this post, I'm posting from an ereader because my brother broke my comp and won't let me use his.

    Reconstruction Unit 1

    Alignment: LG
    Appearance: Looks like a tall, bulky set of lightly polished armor with red trim and dark mail, complete with a quilted leather skirt around the waist and upper legs. The helmet is a milan hounskull (the shiny one at the bottom of wikipedias hounskull page) and is topped with a large red feather. Various pipes and mechanisms jut out in some places and can be seen beneath the chainmail, and a large open pipe extends from the back of the right shoulder. The shoulderpads have raised vertical red stripes (the dwarven symbol for healing) and there is an image of a single snake twisted about a staff on the chest. There is a red sash with a silver plus shaped buckle aroubd the waist, and the left wrist is covered in needles and medical tools. Carries a large, plain wooden tower shield but no weapons. The eyes have a soft orange glow from the magma within.

    Info: RU1 was built by dwarves as a weapon against goblins and elves, but was repurposed to repair and maintain the fortress. Seeing how easy it was too break something that took so long to make, it took a vow never to kill again, and took up medicine. It will fight to defend, but will not kill and heals all unconditionally. It is made from adamantine metal, and carries all sorts of medical equipment from transdermal patches to scalpels to even a mechanical songbird used to soothe patients. It is powered by magma and dorftech and can somehow use magical healing similarly to a DnD cleric. It is also skilled in reapir, and tries to fix and maintain everything, especially people. Wants a living body so as to better understand mortality.

    Kent Carson

    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Fey corrupted Human
    Age: Human age 19, Fey age 42 (includes human age)
    Alignment: Chaotic Friendly
    Class/Profession: Always wanted to be a writer or a chef, but was kidnapped by fey at the age of five and instead was forced to be a musician and arm candy, and from time to time a spear fighter.
    Power Rating: D With his headphones, E- without them.
    Personality: Out of it, almost all the time, and a rather cowardly fellow, but likes to be around people. Especially people that will protect him. Has many mood swings, and hates fey with a passion similar to that of the main characters in a raunchy mystery romance written by a single woman in her late thirties.
    Equipment: A magic set of headphones given to him by the fey when his service time was up. When he wears them, he can make them play any song he wants out loud for all to hear, and the music can inspire those around him to great deeds. If he takes the headphones off, though, he can hear the darker thoughts of those around him and becomes paranoid and anxious.
    Abilities: His headphones can use the minor powers of the Autumn Court
    Weaknesses: No combat skill, and no powers without his headphones.
    Backstory: Kidnapped by fey at the age of six and forced to serve as arm candy for an Autumn Court Noble, taught to play violin and tortured extensively.
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