Waggleton Percival Tallylicker the Third, Esquire
Indubitably my good chap!
Alias: Well I do say, I've been called a great number of things in my life but none I'd care to be called again!
Gender: Gentleman!
Race: Tyrannosaurus Rex
Age: I am the ripe old age of thirty-seven
Profession: Personal Injury Attorney

Description: I'm quite a bit smaller than my larger brethren, only coming up to about six inches tall. I happen to wear a dashing tophat and monocle and carry around a nicely-made cane topped with a jewel of unknown variety.

Abilities: Abilities? Eh wot? Well I guess I'm a particularly personable fellow. Other than that I'm not quite sure.....

Equipment: My hat does seem to have a bit of a magical property. It can hold just about anything I put into it including myself! As much I have a variety of different items I keep in it that I do not wish to discuss further.