Quick skim says the following could be of interest.

Abyssal (Greater) For Summoners (especially Master Summoner), if you plan on reaching level 17, this is worth the 2/3 questionable feats as a Summoner for Greater and RAW stacks with Superior Summoning.

Aquatic (improved) has potential in aquatic campaigns, but otherwise not of interest.

Arcane grants a Familiar. You don't gain TOO much directly, but I think there are options opened up here. New Arcana is lovely for Oracles or Summoners (possibly Witch), RAW giving you spells from off list.

Deep Earth (improved) for the 3rd level ability gives a bunch of misc stuff, though Tremorsense is the most valuable (Don't think it is worth 2/3 feats.

Oni (improved) would be insane under 3.5's version of Alter Self, though it's just kinda OK

Shadow (Improved) is Hide in Plain Sight without a dip for 2/3 feats (which is better than Shadowdancer's 3 feats and 2 skill points to enter, though it requires 15 charisma), plus it lets you swap places with an ally.

Use for Wildbloded variants is questionable, but...

Eldritch Bloodline (Sylvan) If you can somehow avoid being smacked (because its an archetype as well as both a power and an arcana), is also worth taking. You'll likely need to pair it with Boon Companion to counteract the -5 total penalty (which brings up an interesting question, at level 3 you would have a negative level animal companion, crazy).

Empyreal (improved) opens up channeling (Arcane on a divine spell caster can, but it is VERY feat heavy)

Umbral's first ability is better than Shadow Strike if you are going for HIPS.

Warped doesn't actually list a duration for the mutation, which is insane (though it says "brief", making the RAI to last the length of the stun, which is useless for this purpose).