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Abyssal (Greater) For Summoners (especially Master Summoner), if you plan on reaching level 17, this is worth the 2/3 questionable feats as a Summoner for Greater and RAW stacks with Superior Summoning.
Also, Abyssal OR Orc Improved (9) for up to +6 Str bonus.

Eldritch Bloodline (Sylvan) If you can somehow avoid being smacked (because its an archetype as well as both a power and an arcana)
Sylvan is VERY questionable, as you do NOT get the Arcanna from Eldritch Heritage.
Although the severe-ish level penalty helps getting your DM to allow it.

Empyreal (improved) opens up channeling (Arcane on a divine spell caster can, but it is VERY feat heavy)
And you only get ONE use per day.
3 Feats for 1/day Channel energy? at -6 Character level?
While it "can" qualify you for other feats/PrC's, you're almost ALWAYS better off just dipping a level of Cleric.

There are a LOT of nice abilities that can be had, but since most 1st level Bloodline abilities are pretty weak, you'll find yourself spending at least 3 feats to get something good (and you'll need 15+ Cha).

Some abilities that can be had from Improved Eldritch Heritage (not listing them all, just some of the better ones), most of them DO scale with level:
  • (choice of energy) Resist 10
  • TWO (energy) Resist 5
  • +X various Saves
  • Low-Light Vision OR Darkvision 30ft.
  • +5ft. reach when making a Melee Touch Attack
  • Fly speed (limited duration)
  • Burrow speed (limited duration)
  • Breath Weapon (and other similar abilities)
  • Up to +5 Initiative

Greater Eldritch Heritage can get (again, most scale):
  • Spell Resistance
  • Fly Speed 60ft. (no duration)
  • +30ft. movement
  • 30ft. Burrow speed
  • 60ft. Swim speed
  • Better than 'Enlarge Person' (limited duration)