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    My Campaign Setting (collective world building so you should check it out and help me make it!)

    My 1st Handbook: the Eidolon Handbook.

    Check out my complete list of obscure 3.5 base classes from both WotC and 3rd party publishers (over 400 classes) here.

    Wuxia in a feat.

    Participate in my homebrew contest: The Golden Cauldron Contest!!!! It's awesome. Do it.

    Quick and easy soulknife fix.

    The Orc, my rewrite.
    The Zelda Races, such as the goron, zora, sheikah, gerudo, and kokiri.
    The Elf, my own personal take. Pretty overpowered to be honest.
    The Drow, although this rewrite really only got the LA down. Nothing unique here.
    The Voldur. I'm enormously proud of this, it's awesome, and it's a half-orc elf. Please take a look.
    The Sserikon, which is like yuan-ti without LA or RHD.
    The half-orc rewrite, my best received homebrew.
    The Kelgrym, a half-orc kobold. Sort of weird, but cool.
    The Half-elf redux that isn't nearly as cool as my half-orc
    The Demirci, which is definitely worth a look. Breeds an orc with another homebrew race.

    Base Classes
    The Hero, a very broad class to encompass the fantasy archetype of an awesome hero.
    The Spartan, my first initiator class.
    The Enkarni, a warrior that summons a powerful avatar.
    The Focus Knight a maneuver based soulknife fix.
    The Proteus <--Worth taking a look at.
    The Chosen Warrior. It's inspired by Link, from the Legend of Zelda, so if that's your thing (or you want a more versatile, Tier 3 melee class who doesn't use maneuvers) you should definitely check this out.
    The Zealot. Considering it's my first ever homebrew...not too bad I guess. Check it out if you'd like a slightly meaner Paladin.
    The Eremite. Kind of cool wizard/monk hybrid. It needs work, but it's in the backwaters of my mind for now. Probably going to do a "fix."
    The Ebon Knight. Very cool shadowy melee class. Needs a bit of an expansion.
    One of millions of fighter fixes.
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