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    Default Re: Metallic Perfection (3.5 Template and Feats, PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by The-Mage-King View Post
    I would have added a "This DR stacks with any other DR of the same type." to the Benefit line, honestly.

    And yeah. This was ALMOST a necro. A few more days, and... Well, I'd have PM'd the comment to you.
    Your line is WAY clearer and much more elegant. If you don't mind, I'm adding it to the feat text right now

    Anyways, thank you very much for the input and the help! I'm glad you think it's balanced
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    Metal Perfection - a template for creatures born on Mirrodin.
    True Ferocity - a simple fix for Orcs and Half-Orcs.
    Monastic Magus - a spiritual successor to the Unarmed Swordsage.
    Pathfinder-ish Synthesist - a simple fix making Synthesist Summoners follow polymorph rules.
    Sword & Sorcery for Sneaky Scoundrels - rogue archetypes/fixes that aim to turn the rogue into a warrior/caster.