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    Default Re: Metallic Perfection (3.5 Template and Feats, PEACH)

    Quote Originally Posted by Larkas View Post
    Thinking about it now, though, even if Darksteel can't be directly ported, maybe it can be adapted... A chain of feats that gives some big DR/darksteel and an SR that applies only to directly damaging effects, and a new, extremely expensive, material for weapons and armors (and constructs!), while not a direct translation of the "real" Darksteel, might do the trick. A Darksteel Golem would still be a terrifying sight, but at least it would be defeatable without bending the game rules. Hmmmm... That just might work, though I'll have to consider if this overlaps with the Adamantine feats too much. What do you guys think?
    i think the actual problem with darksteel porting isnt so much making it more powerful then adamantine, so much as the fact that darksteel objects grow larger as they age (Darksteel is Thran Metal from the Artifacts cycle).

    i think reinforced skin should be renamed living metal, and also allow the character to receive 50% repair healing

    I personally dont think though that the Mirran Template should be one singular template, but should instead be 5-7 templates, one for each skintype (Gold, Silver, Lead, Iron, and Copper), in addition to the mithral and adamantine forms.

    as i said though, darksteel should be a Racial PrC, not a template itself though, a bit too powerful

    Edit: Also, i doubt a few rules from the Chainmail Bikini book wouldnt be out of place here, consider this Girl isnt actually wearing anything from what we can tell
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