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Thread: [3.5 Remix] The shapeshifter

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    I approve of the spell nerfs. I never really got the idea behind "draconic polymorph". Apparently, you transform yourself into a black pudding with dragonlike features, thus giving you a +8 Str bonus? I dunno. It's definitely way too powerful to be just one spell level above polymorph though.

    You have Potent Shapeshifting capping at level 17 on the table, but level 19 in the text. Which is it?

    Also, I think mixing in some warshaper abilities would be appropriate here. You've already got Morphic Body (or whichever one gives you Str and Con), but Morphic Immunities and Morphic Healing would both be pretty strong and very flavorful. Morphic Weapons is pretty much taken care of in spades by the Augments, but the other two I could see being true class features, rather than just augments.

    Also, I find it just a little odd that your emberhaunt et. al are the ones who get Wild Shape as a class feature, while the actual class based around shapeshifting still has to use spells to change its form all day.

    Edit: Sorry, just realized I totally sounded like a douche right now. Where was all that praise in my head! I didn't get around to typing it because I was in proofread mode. Ahem.

    Jiriku, this class is both powerful and needed. It fills a niche that casters have long wanted, and it does it without the burdening flavor and alignment restrictions of the druid. (Also you get to be arcane, so that's pretty sweet).

    Any chance for some changeling/shifter Racial Substitution Levels?
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