How exactly does this feat work? The last session I let my player use it thusly, as he explained it to me:

He could throw 6 darts or whatever in a turn. Each dart dealt damage as normal and then prompted a grapple attempt. For a single grapple attempt my monster was pinned. For each successful grapple he got, my monster had to spend a standard action to unstick himself that one projectile.

I told him it would work this time but I would look it over as that was mad powerful.

As I read the feat it actually seems to work this way:

It works exactly like a regular grapple attempt. You take a standard action, make a ranged attack instead of melee touch, and on a successful grapple attempt the target gains the "grappled" condition but not the pinned one, and then has to spend 1 standard action to beat a DC 15 check to get free. You don't deal damage, and you don't get a bajillion daggers sticking a guy to a wall indefinitely.

On a related note can a dagger throwing character use two weapon fighting to get an extra attack? My gut says no.