Alias: none
Gender: Male
Race/Species: anthropomorphic polar bear
Age: 25
Alignment: LN
Class/Profession:bounty hunter/vigilante
Power Rating: 3
Description: an 8 foot tall anthropomorphic polar bear (with muzzle) right eye is red left eye is blue he is wearing a ranger armor without the gas mask
Personality[/B]: he appears to intimidating but he is very nice but he does have a dark side letís just leave it at that
Equipment: he is equip with a custom 600 magnum revolver with incendiary ammo and a AA12 (frag 12 rounds) and a combat knife and ranger armor which can stop 5.56 rounds. some pipe bombs he also has his claws
Abilities: very good with all firearms can craft almost all types of ammo he can make swords knifes and firearms he is very strong and even for his size he can move fast for powers he got shadow sprint which allows him to move in forward at extremely fast speed light killer shuts of all light bulbs within a 50 meter radius for around 10 minutes
Backstory: He cannot remember anything before the age of 15, the only thing he can remember is his name and his age. When he woke up there was bodies all around him and he was covered in blood fearing what might happen he ran away he does not know where he gets his powers.
Miscellaneous: he does not mind the taste of human