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    Peggles the One-Legged Pirate Giraffe

    Peggles avatar by Akrim.elf

    Name: Peggles is the nickname given to him by Hoffy. His real name is unknown

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Giraffe

    Age: 35 in giraffe years

    Alignment: True Neutral. He doesn't care about anything except cabbages and Hoffy's orders (if he feels like it).

    Class: Pirate

    Power Rating: 2 when normal. 4 in chili pepper mode.

    Description: Peggles looks just like an ordinary giraffe. Except for the fact he only has one leg, a peg leg on his one leg, and an eyepatch.

    Personality: Peggles is usually grumpy, and doesn't really care about other's problems. He is very good at sensing a person's true nature (animal instinct). He tries not to care, but he does have a soft spot for anyone he trusts.

    Equipment: Pegleg. That's it.

    Abilities: Eating a pepper turns him on fire (chili pepper mode). When in chili pepper mode, Peggles will rampage around, violently burning and destroying anything in his path. Once burning, Peggles is pratically impossible to stop.

    Backstory: Peggles history is unknown. Hoffy got him from CMTODibbler's shipping wizards from who knows where. Anything revealed will be added as time goes by.
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