Johnny the Worm

Name: Johnny

Gender: Both/Neither but refers to 'himself' in a masculine manner

Race/Species: Anthromorphic Worm

Age: 30 in worm years

Alignment: True Neutral/Neutral Evil. He cares about himself, fighting, and money

Description: Johnny looks like a really stocky earthworm except he's three feet tall. He also has eyes, a mouth, and two arms that end in hands with three fingers and a thumb each.

Personality: Johnny is always grumpy. His wary trust is rarely extended, and even then only for a nisson(as in he minorly trusts his allies in whatever mission he's on)

Equipment: A wide variety of weapons no-one is sure sure how or where he stores.

Abilities: Besides being damn good with any weapon you can shoot, swing, or toss, 'he' can asexually reproduce but it's very painful and involves cutting himself in half.