Alias: Tempest, Maiden of the Winds, Wind Caller, Storm Heart
Gender: Female
Race/Species: a storm spirit
Age: 206

Alignment: Chaotic Neutral. Prone to flights of fancy that have little to do with anything that is occurring around her. She also has a great passion for travel and is not fond of anything that would restrict her movement.

Class/Profession: Audra is one of the many storm spirits looks after the storms as they meander across the world so that they do not get lost along their way. She also is able to bring the storm to those who know how to get her attention; likewise she is also able to take it away. Her actions are usually beneficial to what is necessary to the land due to being a spirit of nature she has a keen knack for knowing just where rain is needed.

Power Rating: Rank A-. Audra has some amount of power in the area of weather control and other magic related to the weather. However much power she has she is just more likely to fly off and leave whatever it is that bothers her on the ground, or far behind since she can move incredibly fast once in the sky.

Description: Audra looks like a young girl with long white hair who is robed in a flowing long sleeve dress of blue and white. She is not that tall but has an incredible grace to her. Her eyes are very blue and her nose is small and pert, she is often times seen with a big smile. Her skin is very pale to the point of her appearing ghostly. When angered her dress changes to a dark grey and some small amount of electricity can bee seen coursing across her, this is a very rare thing to see however.

Personality: Audra is often times very carefree and cheerful. She is finicky however and prone to slight mood swings but nothing very severe. At worst she is highly melodramatic and will often times mope around but other times she is playful too the point of being antagonistic to everyone around her. She does not actively pursue any harm to people, unless extremely provoked, but will often times give off small shocks to either be playful or to show dislike of an action.

Equipment: Audra has very few items that she keeps in her possession but she does have a small pouch that she keeps at her side that holds a few different items. One of her favorite items is a small pipe which she will often smoke and blow out smoke shapes with. Another item she has is a fiddle that she likes to play while it rains, faster the song the stronger the storm. And her final item that she has in her possession is an engraved staff of cherry wood that has engraved gold heads on either side. This staff is what she uses to usher the clouds around as a shepherd uses a stick with his flock of sheep.

Abilities: Audra has very strong weather related abilities that usually have to do with wind, rain and lightning. The power she uses is her flight and her control of clouds since her preferred mode of travel is laying on a small cloud as it carries her around from place to place but she is also able to travel on a bolt of lightning to get to locations very fast. Audra is able to create shocks of electricity but rarely does so due to many scenarios not needing lethal force and more often then not she will simply blow them away and leave the area in a huff.

Backstory: Audra is the 75th storm spirit to be created. She was formed out of a summer rain cloud and thus she took on many of the traits related to it. She spent a good amount of years doing her work until, as many storm spirits do, she became curious of the world that she ushered the rain on. She began to come down and converse with different people and joined in on different events that were going on. She gained a great love of the fiddle during her visits and actually gained one from a man whom she made a deal with to give rain to them for the growing season, she also was able to win a finely carved pipe in a race. All of her fun however caused her slack on her duties and one time her cloud drifted off into a desert where a good amount of it dissipated. Now she only has a small cloud that she keeps very close to her and is not allowed to go back to her duties until she has properly learnt her lesson. This means only her cloud will actually listen to her and her staff holds no power to usher the clouds.

Miscellaneous: The small cloud has a personality like that of a dog but few truly are able to see it like Audra can since she is linked to that cloud specifically.