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    Default Re: Telekineticist (3.5 D&D, PEACH)<-really, you should.

    1:how about a green lantern style color effect? so powers have a personal color?

    2a:how many hands were you devoting to it and what level? thats fine high level damage... but I think PTK may be a bit much with level/hands +con... but if that was highish level(15+) for a crit that was fair...
    ah, 13th level... a lot of damage, but a crit(remind the barbarian of his charge crit with a great axe for 3x damage, see if he shuts up about it) it seems within reason.

    I could see droping PTK to half level hands, or 2/3 level hands. would make it a little more sane with hands

    gather army of mid level PCs... yeah I don't feel that is reasonable. really, PCs should be rare not automatic(they are the heros of fate, not shmuk# 33 that hangs out with his 3000 clones).

    2b: I would assume collosal creature with str of mental streangth+16 str lift over head limit.
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