Thought I might share some flaws (see Unearthed Arcana) that I've used for a few characters of mine.

Also, if you have any flaws you've written, feel free to post them here and I'll make a list.

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Drowsy [Flaw]
You require 2 more hours of sleep or meditation than others of your race to function properly and take a -2 penalty to saves against sleep-based spells and abilities.

Night Terrors [Flaw]
Your sleep is constantly beset by intense nightmares. There is a 20% chance every hour that you sleep that you awake screaming. Upon awakening at any time you are considered Shaken until you have been conscious for 1d4 hours.

Somnambulist [Flaw]
Your mind becomes so hyperactive while unconscious that you spend the night sleepwalking. A sleepwalker can take simple actions such as moving his base speed in a random direction or picking up objects. You are considered flat-footed, and take a -20 penalty on spot checks so that though you are unlikely to walk off a cliff, you may not be able to find a doorknob to let yourself out of a room. You are not consciously aware of your actions. You can be awakened with a swift shaking or sudden loud noise, though awake automatically if you sustain any damage.

Whale Dream [Flaw]
You are a member of an aquatic race with especially strong emotional ties to the water. If you do not submerse yourself in a natural body of water at least one per day you take a -1 penalty to all attack, damage and save rolls until you do.

World Weary [Flaw]
You have seen much in the world, leaving you with an abnormally heavy heart. You gain only half the benefit from morale bonuses (minimum 1). As well, you take a -2 penalty to saves against Crushing Despair and other like spells and abilities.