Young Star

Real Name: Louis Ramirez

Sex: Male

Age: 19

Race: Meta-Human

PL: Street Level Super Hero

Alignment: Good guy

Appearance: Tanned skin and dark brown hair. His superhero costume is a white jumpsuit, with a blue five point star taking up most of the chest, and red gloves and boots, as well as a red domino mask. His street clothes follow a similar color scheme of red, white, and blue, though white is very much downplayed.

Personality: Young Star is rash to start. He's often the first into the fray and rarely thinks ahead of time. He's not violent, though, and will always place civilian lives in priority to fighting. It's very much his preference to come up with ideas in the thick of it. He shows a flair for creatively working around situations he can't just punch or push through. He dubs these solutions "Punching Creatively," normally because that's often the last step or even the goal of the solution.

Equipment: He doesn't normally perform his heroics with gadgets or weapons. His suit has little special about it but under the blue star is a layer of kevlar to protect himself from bullets.

Abilities: He's a flying hammer really. His primary strength is his... strength. With his super strength he can lift heavy cars over his head and put a good dent in metal with a standard punch. He's also quite durable from pure blunt impact, but can't weather bullets and knives very well.

His other superpower is flight. He's capable of flying under his own will about as fast as a speeding car and has perfect control over speed and direction, able to stop practically on a dime.

His non super power is that he's a pretty good boxer, taught by his mentor Dober-Man he can rough it with people as strong as e is through skill rather than force.

Backstory: maybe later.