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    Alias: N/A

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Demon

    Age: 12 (10 HPME*)

    Profession: N/A

    Description: While Cynthia is a natural shapeshifter, she has one form that bests suits her personality. She is almost always in this form, which is that of a ten year old girl. Although she has obvious demonic traits, she is, quite simply, adorable. Her skin is a dark red colour and her eyes give the impression of soulless, black pits. She often keeps her wavy, black hair in pigtails. Her ears are somewhat large and resemble those of a bat. She has a thin, flexible tail and her teeth are sharp.

    (Chibi) Picture:

    Personality: She is quite young and has the mentality of a child. Cynthia can be quite mischievous and is immoral at best. She has quite the manipulative streak, and won't hesitate to use her looks and the glamour she projects to get her way.




    Abilities: Cynthia constantly projects a powerful glamour toward those around her. The effect is effectively to enamor those she interacts with to her. It hinges on her form, which is a cute little girl. Adults will dote over her and seek to make her happy. Other children will see her as trusted friends. A person with children or a desire for children may even treat her like a loved daughter. The exact effect and strength of the glamour depend entirely on the target.

    She is a natural shapeshifter. Whatever form she takes, forever, will always possess her obvious demonic traits. She rarely uses this ability, as she prefers one form.

    Backstory: Cynthia was born in an underworld like environment. Some might call it a sort of hell. While this hell is not strickly a place of evil, the demons living there are immoral at best. She grew up thinking that a lot of cruel and unsavory behaviour was completely normal and accepted, because it was there. She was summoned into the Nexus to serve as the emissary of the demon lord Nabrius.

    Miscellaneous: N/A

    *Human Physical Maturity Equivalent
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