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So. This evening I had the basic concept for a prestige class I'd love to play, and would make it myself had I the talent to make it balanced. I'll give all the specifications I can, and let whoever wants to take it from there.

The Meta-Mage
Doesn't matter, approximately 6th level.

By taking the first level of this prestige class, your character realizes that he is actually living in a game. He does what anyone would do, and immediately seeks to abuse it as much as possible. His class features represent gaining new knowledge to allow him to abuse the fact that he is living in a game.

I ask for your help because I wanted this to end up balanced, and not the awful jumble it'll be if I try and make it work myself. Any takers?
This is REQUEST 760 please edit your text to show your request number.

C 760

Would this be a 5 or 10 level Prestige class?