And some skill feats. The [Prowess] type is a new type used for differentiation purposes, since one of the wiki contributors wanted to write a class ability that granted bonus non-scaling skill feats, and it was weird to word without a new type. It would have just been the [Skill] type, but that was already taken ;-)

Angry Glare [Prowess]
False friends wither under the weight of your glare.
Prerequisites: Intimidation 4+ ranks
Benefit: When you are affected by an Affability ability, you may make an Intimidation check as a free action. If your check exceeds your opponent's check, your opponent resolves the ability as if they had rolled the worst possible result.
You may also make an Intimidation check in place of a will save against any [Charm] or [Compulsion] effect. You suffer a penalty to your check equal to the effect level, or half the initiator's CR for effects without spell, power, maneuver, or similar level.

Mounted Combat [Fighter]
You are a skilled rider and combatant, and have brought the two together.
Prerequisites: Base Attack Bonus +1
Benefit: When making a ride check or a swift mount / dismount check, you may use your Base Attack Bonus + your Dexterity Modifier + 3 in place of your normal ride modifier. You may take 10 on this replacement riding check at any time, even under pressure or in combat. Normal: You must invest in the ride (or other equivalent) skill to be a competent rider.
Special: A fighter may select Mounted Combat as one of his fighter bonus feats.

Dimensional Wrangler [Skill]
You could wrangle a blink dog or a pocket dimension with the right knot.
Benefits: This is a skill feat intended for use with the Tome of Prowess. It scales with your ranks in Survival.
  • 0 ranks: You receive a +3 competence bonus on Survival checks.
  • 4 ranks: You may bind a helpless, pinned, or willing adversary as a full-round action instead of a 1 minute action. You also gain proficiency with the lasso, and can create a lasso from any available length of rope as a move action. This exotic two-handed weapon has a reach of 30' for a medium creature (or less if an insufficient length of rope is available), threatens no spaces, and can be used against any creature within range. Attacking with a lasso requires a ranged touch attack, and you may substitute your survival bonus in place of your ranged attack bonus. If successful, the target is considered bound as if you had used the Bind Adversary skill ability on them. If your attack exceeded their touch armor class by 5 points you have also bound half of their arms. If your attack exceeded their touch armor class by 10 points you have bound all of their arms. Bound arms may not be used until the rope is removed or the target successfully escapes it. Once you have bound a foe with a lasso, you may drop it without them escaping their binding. If you continue holding the lasso you gain some control over their movement, however, and they may not leave the area that the lass could reach without winning an opposed strength check against you. Additionally, you may attempt to trip them on your turn, with a +4 bonus, as a move action. If you fail the opposed check, they may not attempt to trip you back. If a bound foe falls prone, you may make attempt to trip them as a free action whenever they attempt to rise. You still get a +4 bonus to this attempt.
  • 9 ranks: Tiny proto-dimensions are everywhere, and can be caught with a lasso if you know how. As a full round action you may use a lasso to duplicate the effect of a rope trick spell, with a caster level equal to your ranks in survival - 3.
  • 14 ranks: Binding a creature isn't helpful if they can just teleport away. Any creature you bind with a rope is also subject to a dimensional anchor effect. This lasts until the target frees itself, and is considered to have a caster level equal to your ranks in survival - 3.
  • 19 ranks: Binding a creature that was never really there in the first place is frustrating, and you have learned how to keep them from simply returning to their bodies. While a silver or secondary body of a creature who is astrally projecting is bound with one of your knots, they are unable to return to their physical bodies. Creatures so trapped must also make a will save each round against a DC equal to your survival bonus. Those who succeed at this save must continue saving each round until they free themselves from your lasso or fail the save. Those who fail the save have their cords cut, and their bodies die wherever they are located. The astral body becomes helpless but remains conscious and is prevented from passing on to the after life until you release it from the binding. Any attempt to raise the target automatically fails as long as their astral self remains bound in your rope.

Enduring Physiology [Skill]
If things got really bad, you could always just hide under a rock for a century or two until they improved.
Benefits: This is a skill feat intended for use with the Tome of Prowess. It scales with your ranks in Endurance.
  • 0 ranks: You gain a +3 competence bonus to Endurance checks.
  • 4 ranks: Your body processes slow substantially. You only need to eat and drink half as much as normal, and can hold your breath for 4 rounds per point of Endurance bonus or your Constitution score, whichever provides the larger time. You may make an Endurance check in place of a Fortitude save against poisons or diseases. You no longer suffer attribute penalties for aging as deterioration simply doesn't happen at the same pace.
  • 9 ranks: You no longer require food or water to sustain your body, or whatever other crude physical matter would otherwise sustain you. You can still eat and drink if you want to, refreshment tastes as it would normally and your body still processes it normally if you do take it in. You can hold your breath for 1 minute per point of Endurance bonus. You also gain immunity to mundane diseases, ingested poisons, and contact poisons, but not injury or inhaled poisons. Your maximum age limit is doubled.
  • 14 ranks: You no longer need to breathe to sustain your body, and can hold your breath indefinitely. You become immune to any effects that require you to inhale them first, as well as immunity to magical diseases and all poisons. Your maximum age limit is quadrupled.
  • 19 ranks: Your body resists attempts to weaken it exceedingly well. You do not suffer Ability Damage and Ability Drain that would be applied to your Strength, Dexterity, or Constitution scores. You have no maximum lifespan and are immortal barring magic, violence, or other things of that sort. If you ever feel like passing on "naturally" you may do so with 8 hours of meditation.

Metaphysical Escapist [Skill]
The world has chains, even if you can't see them. And just like any other chains, if you slip just right....
Benefits: This is a skill feat intended for use with the Tome of Prowess. It scales with your ranks in Escape Artistry.
  • 0 ranks: You gain a +3 competence bonus to Escape Artistry checks.
  • 4 ranks: You can adjust the hold the ground has over you, directing your bindings elsewhere briefly. This allows you to walk up walls or through loops or over any other surface that would hold your weight if it were actually below you. As part of a move, double move, charge, or run action you may attempt to travel over such a surface. You must succeed on a DC 20 Escape Artistry check to successfully complete your move, however. If you fail this check you are unable to traverse the surface and lose 10' of movement from your move action, and such a failure reduces a run or charge action to a simple double move. You may not exceed your base move on this surface, nor may your end your move on this surface. You fall prone (as well as down, if applicable) if you do not reach a surface you could stand on normally within these limits. You may otherwise attempt this as often as you have movement to spare in a round and ground to start from.
  • 9 ranks: You can slip just the tiniest bit out of sync with the prime material plane, for a short time anyway. This requires a swift action and a DC 25 Escape Artistry check. If you succeed, you gain the ability to perceive the ethereal plane, or any other single coterminous plane of your choice, out to a distance of 60'. Further, any ability or attack you make can be considered to originate on the prime material plane or the coterminous plane, as you prefer.
  • 14 ranks: You can actually slip out of sync with the prime material plane, just not for long. This requires a swift action and a DC 30 Escape Artistry check. If you succeed you physically enter the ethereal plane, or other coterminous plane of your choice, for one round. You may remain for longer, but must succeed on an additional check each round. Use of this ability is tiring, however, and counts as a round of taking a flat-out action regardless of what you actually do with your round in the coterminous plane.
    Additionally, you may attempt the rank 9 benefit of this feat as a free action, though the DC increases to 30.
  • 19 ranks: With an hour of meditation and a DC 35 Escape Artistry check, you can slip free of your physical self and the material world. This largely duplicates the effects of astral projection, except that it is an (Su) ability and you may not bring anyone with you. You must succeed on a new check every 24 hours or the effect ends and you return to your waiting body. When you return to your body, whether intentionally or due to violence or a failed check, you are exhausted for 1 day. You may not attempt this meditation again until the exhaustion has passed.

Additional feats can be found here. Please note that a number of these feats are not my work, as the feats section was the first to actively seek outside contributors.