This is from a more chaotic campaign we ran...

Gilpin Burrows enjoyed a good night at the pub. His small frame and hearty appetite meant we was an ideal drinking partner. His comrades were staged throughout the bar in a manner he was all too familiar with. It was hard not to sigh into his cups. Kyr their fighter was already pushing and shoving Corwin their barbarian. With barely a glance he saw Caramis their illusionist already waiting at the base of the roulette table, a bag of holding open and ready. As Kyr threw the first punch at Corwin he braced for impact and within moments a 250lb angry half orc barreled into him spilling his drink. With feigned anger he snatched a sling stone and hurled it at the fighter's head.

"Pick on someone half your size dimwit!"

With a roar Kyr grabbed Gilpin and dragged him across the bar spilling drinks and causing mayhem, then with a wordless growl he flung the tiny halfling across the roulette table. Gilpin stretched his arms as far as they could go and acted as a rake for all the table stakes. Into the bag he went and for the next ten minutes all he knew was darkness.

There was always a moment of doubt when the light returned. Someday Gilpin feared that Sundrael, their bard would not be the one standing above the bag, but a city guard. This time fate smiled upon them once again as Sundrael's graceful features smiled upon him.

"Caramis locked up?" he asked

"Of course" Sundrael replied " the moment you landed in the bag he sprinted from the bar with his robes aflame and the watch snatched him up. They were quite angered when all seven of the bags of holding he carried were void of the bar's tokens and the patrons money. I suppose we can extract at least another thousand for wrongful imprisonment and unnessecary search."

Gilpin laughed as always. "The best part of a shell game, is not having a shell. Just make the bag invisible and guards will go after the runner, not the elf sipping wine at the table right?"

Sundrael smiled even the wider "They do rarely pay attention to me, its almost dissapointing.