Can't Hit Hard [Flaw]
Through either hesitation, lack of skill, or sheer bad luck, you find it difficult to land a telling blow.
Prerequisites: Proficient in all martial weapons.
Effect: Reduce your critical threat range on any weapon you wield by half, rounded up. Thus, an 18-20 threat range would only threaten a critical on a 20. If the weapon's threat range is 20, you may not score critical hits with that weapon

Bloodlust [Flaw]
Your savagery oftentimes distracts you in combat.
Prerequisites: BAB +1
Effect: Whenever you kill a creature in combat or knock a creature unconscious with a melee weapon, you must spend a full-round action next round mutilating the body or reveling in the victory in some other way. If you felled the creature with some other attack, you must spend a full-round action the next round moving toward the felled foe. You may choose your route, but only if you end your turn as close as possible to the fallen creature.