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    Gender: Male
    Race: Human
    Profession: Farmer. Novice hero?
    Age: 23
    Alignment: Somewhere near Neutral Good
    Power Rating: C-

    Description: The first thing most people notice about Dwayne is that he always seems nervous. Something about his body language or dozens of little tics, but for one reason or another he always looks to be just waiting for the metaphorical axe to fall.

    Physically speaking he's built solidly enough, maybe a little on the short side but not sickly or weak... Not the chiseled physique of a born hero or seasoned adventurer, mind you, just the sort of passable strength one picks up after a life spent on farmwork. No great beauty either, with a weak chin and dull charcoal black hair halfway to his shoulders.

    His clothing, on the other hand, is something else entirely. Among the many magic items Dwayne squandered his inheritance on, the most immediately eye-catching is his cape- A hopelessly tacky garment made of translucent fabric that slowly shifts colors in a kaleidoscope pattern, glowing for good measure and bad taste.

    Other than that, he wears a shirt of chainmail made out of some cheap looking blue-ish metal and, stranger yet, a metal fedora of the same material. Honestly, the only indication that he's an adventurer at all is that only an adventurer would dress with such lack of sense, fashion, common, or otherwise.

    Personality: Eh, yet to be seen.

    Equipment: Quite a lot, really. For starters there's his cape, which when the silver clasp is unpinned causes one of a variety of random magical effects, before disappearing until the next daybreak. His chainmail is somewhat effective in defending against magic and his sword can slice through flesh and bone with surprising ease despite their cheap appearances, although both enchantments are clumsily forged and unlikely to hold up against a magician who actually knows what they're doing.

    The metal fedora is in fact a nifty little artifact that reflects any significant force directed upon it, not only protecting the wearers skull from blunt trauma but also adding quite a punch to any headbutts delivered with it. Finally, he has a variety of potions, a good dose of explosive powder that clings and burns at flesh, living or otherwise, and should all else fail a small chip of rune-engraved bone that will teleport the user a few hundred feet in a random direction when shattered, providing a swift escape if necessary.

    Backstory: Working on it.
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