Those numbers I put up before were excluding con bonus. That was just the class. The problem isn't with the number of Hands the class gets, it's about what they can do with them. And Force Blast seems like the purest form of abuse for this class. Who wouldn't put all their Hands in it and begin shredding every enemy you face?

At level 1: You have 2+ con Hands. Let's say you have 14 con. You deal 4d4 as a touch attack. That's avg of 10 dmg with a to hit of cha mod-5. For a touch attack at level one you will hit more than not. And for the numbers I put up earlier: You would probably have a 30 cha, and with it a net +0 to hit before you apply magic boosts to your to hit. As a touch attack at 400' why not use this ability to destroy whatever target you choose? Enemy dragons: BOOM. Castle gates: BOOM. Everything else: BOOM.

Anyway, here is the overhaul to Force Blast, although at present I have no idea what to do about flinging objects:

Force Blast
As a standard action a Telekineticist may unleash a dangerous blast to rip apart their enemies with a blast of Force energy. The Force Blast it is a ranged touch attack. These attacks deal 1d6+1/class level damage. You may invest more Hands to add 1d6/Hand to the damage. You may not invest more Hands in than you have levels in The Telekineticist.

You may attack more people with the attack by taking a -2 penalty to hit for each target after the first. These targets need not be near each other, but must all be within the range of your Hands, you must have Line of Sight to them, and no target may targeted more than once with the same use of Force Blast.

In addition to dealing damage, any target hit with a Force Blast must make a Fortitude save or suffer a Rider effect for 1 round. You gain one Rider effect at first level, another at level 5, and 1 more for each additional 5 Levels after 5. You may only have 1 Rider effect active per Force Blast, but may choose from any of the ones you know.

{table=head] Level | Rider Effect
1 | Target is Confused
5 | Target is center of a Shatter Spell *(see below for changes)
10 | Target is Nauseated
15 | Target is Stunned
20 | Target is Paralyzed
*The Shatter functions as a normal Shatter spell except as noted below:
It is always the 5ft burst. It targets all material in the area regardless of composition. All attended items get a Fortitude saving throw of 10+1/2 Class Levels+Charisma modifier. An object only needs to save once per Force Blast, no matter how many Shatters overlap.

How is that?