My problem with confuse: Your examples can't do those things all day. While WotC overcompensated when it came to at-will abilities by making them pretty weak, throwing confuse on two enemies at once at-will at lvl 1 is a bit much in my opinion.
I know Sickened is generally pretty weak, but at level 1 you really aren't supposed to be able to take enemies out of combat at-will at all.

Shatter has the problem that an enemy has lots of things on them. If you ignore composition (and from the way its phrased also weight) you have:
Armor, weapon, backpack/pouch, potion flasks and if the DM wants to screw with you even coins of money.
Though even if the DM doesn't want to **** with you and its still non-magic only you have weapon, armor, shield and some of the loot you'd normally get.

Paralyzed: Mechanically I understand it, but I like fluff in my mechanics. I have trouble figuring out a way how a blast of force could paralyze you.
Confuse: Rattled the head, inner ear problem, loss of balance etc.
Nauseated: Stronger waves able to wobble internal organs
Stunned: like a blow to the temple
Paralyzed: I have nothing