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    Species: VAESS


    An adult Vaess in the common morph has a humanoid torso with two arms ending in six-fingered hands; the overall size of a common-morph Vaess is close to that of an average adult human, aside from having more legs. Their heads sport a roughly humanoid face, albeit with a second smaller pair of eyes above the first. They may have hair, though besides the hair on their heads there is very little. Their mouths are full of needle-like teeth and their fingers have small, chitinous claws. Their wrists contain retractable venomous spurs, and the same venom is present in fangs in their mouths. They lack a proper nose, but have nasal slits in roughly the same place. Their lower bodies sport two pairs of arthropoid legs; the back legs are longer and more powerful than the front pair, and each leg ends in a clawed point. They sport pairs of spinnerets at both the front and back of their lower bodies, as well as pairs of clever pedipalps to manipulate the silk. Their pedipalps and glands under their tongues can also exude a resin which solidifies and, combined with debris and silk, contributes to hive-building.
    Vaess are oviparous; the life cycle begins with the pale, soft-bodied larva emerging from the egg. After a few years, they molt into their nymphal stage, resembling smaller adults. They will continue to molt through their nymphal stage until they reach their full adult stage. There are various "morphs" for Vaess; nymphs begin in the common morph, but pheromonal treatment can shift them into other morphs.
    • Common: As described above. A fully-grown common-morph Vaess is generally between 5 and 6 feet in height when standing normally.
    • Sovereign: The egg-producer and leader of a hive. A full sovereign or queen is considerably larger than the common morph, standing up to 9 or 10 feet.
    • Soldier: Sporting more robust chitin and increased musculature, a soldier-morph Vaess is usually between 6 and 7 feet. This morph better equips a Vaess for protecting the hive.
    • Artisan: Sporting expanded pedipalps and spinnerets as well as greater capacity for silk and resin production, the artisan morph equips a Vaess for construction and building.

    Hive Structure
    Vaess typically live in pseudo-eusocial hives centered around an egg-producer (typically termed "queen" or "sovereign") and one or more mated consorts. In some cases, secondary egg-producers may also be present. Outside of a hive's designated egg-producer(s), all others are non-reproducing. Beyond this, roles are not caste-based (as in termites or ants); morphs such as "soldier" and "artisan" are usually taken on by Vaess whose skills and interests are complimented by those morphs.
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