Playgrounders Assemble!

"I have an army."

"We have a Hulk!"


This contest begins with the posting of this thread and continues through until the 31st of May.

A poll will be opened shortly after the closing of the contest and everyone on the Playground will have the chance to vote until the 7th of June. You will be casting two votes, one for your favorite entry and one for the entry you believe would most likely see play (either in a game you would DM/GM or in a game you yourself would play in) [Both votes may be for the same entry.]

First, Second and Third place, as well as the winner of Most Likely to See Play, will receive a pixelated trophy that I create myself with my limited skills in Paint. In the case of any ties I will cast the tie breaking vote.


1. You will be creating an original Base Class or Monster or Prestige Class or Race that is themed around the titular Avengers, any of the Villains from the previous movies, Nick Fury an organization like S.H.I.E.L.D., Deadpool or Superheroes in general. Example entries could be a base class that controls storms, a monster that grows more powerful as the encounter goes on, a prestige class that is part of a cabal of super spies or a race of humanoids who appear to lack skin on their skulls.

2. Your entry must be entirely complete. Incomplete contest entries will be disqualified upon the closing deadline of the contest.
2a. Base and Prestige classes must have a name, completed class, and fluff for both combat and roleplaying purposes.
2b. Monsters must have a name, completed stat-block, physical description, and ecology if any. Templates may be submitted as entries but will be judged based upon the example creature (which must be a previously statted NPC creature from the PSRD). A pre-application and post-application version of the creature must be included for comparison (a link to the NPC on the PSRD will suffice for pre-application).
2c. Races must have a name, completed racial traits and fluff for both combat and roleplaying purposes.

3. Entries must be Pathfinder, using the formats provided below. Using the provided formats is not a strict requirement but it makes reading and judging easier and may impact your chances in the contest if you deviate from it. You may "gussy up" your entries as you see fit as long as they are still comprehensible.

4. Post all entries for the contest in this thread. Do not post any conversations regarding the entries here. Any and all discussions regarding this contest will take place on a separate thread: Here

5. Only one entry is allowed per participant.

6. Entries submitted must be original works that were created for this contest and this contest alone. Submitting plagiarized or previously posted work will result in said entry being automatically disqualified and may lead to inability to compete in this contest from then on.
6a. Entries submitted to this contest may not be posted in a separate thread or format until the contest has come to a close. Any entries that are discovered to have been posted elsewhere during the contest's duration (such as to garner further attention and critiques) will be automatically disqualified.

7. You may not reserve a post for an entry you plan to submit. You are more than allowed to tweak and edit your entry after it has been submitted (up until the deadline is reached) but the basic layout of your entry must be complete.

8. Please state whether or not you would like comments or critiques on your entry upon its submission. Otherwise other contestants and Playgrounders watching the contest will most likely give your submission a once over and point out any flaws or other comments they may have seen in the chat thread.