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    Tel-Zaf Kax

    Alias: Most people just call him Kax.
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Orc
    Age: Late 20s.
    Alignment: Lawful Good
    Class/Profession: Dragonslayer Soul-bound slave
    Power Rating: C-B rank, depending on how angry he is.
    Description: Kax is over six feet tall, broad-shouldered and large-muscled. As an orc he has dark, green-grey skin and steel-grey eyes with thick black eyebrows. His head is shaved, and his ears are short and slightly sharp. Generally, he wears an ash grey suit with a red tie.
    Personality: In a word, stoic. Raised in the icy north coast of Skyrim, Tel-Zaf Kax learned young not to dwell in pain, but to use it as fuel. As deep and driving as his emotions may be, Kax rarely lets them show except in times when they are so great as to overwhelm him. Patient and driven, Tel-Zaf Kax is willing to put up with much to get what he needs or to do what he believes to be just.
    Equipment: Wields an orchilium one-handed axe set in a dragon bone handle. It has a sharp spike at the end for impaling, and a deep hook formed from the blade's curve for grabbing and disarming people's weapons. It's also enchanted with a Vampirism spell - when it does damage to an opponent, the magic bound to the weapon siphons the victim's health and transfers it to Kax. He also has leather gloves that enhance the speed and strength with which he can wield his axe, and his suit is enchanted to absorb some of magic spells cast on him.
    Abilities: As well as being a skilled combatant, Tel-Zaf Kax can also, with the right equipment, do some pretty powerful enchanting.
    Backstory: When Tel-Zaf Kax was barely an adolescent, some great dishonour caused him to be banished from the Orc Stronghold he called home. For nearly a week, he wandered the frozen north of Skyrim until he was discovered by a blacksmith from the nearby village of Dawnstar. The blacksmith, Rolfgin Haraldson, took Kax under his arm and brought the nearly-frozen orc back to his home. For several days, he recovered by Rolfgin's fireplace. The two of them got along well, and eventually Rolfgin appointed himself as Kax's adopted father. Kax grew up in Dawnstar, helping Rolfgin with his forge and doing odd-jobs around the village. He was proud to call himself a Son of Skyrim.

    In Dawnstar, Tel-Zaf Kax met the human tavern maiden, Tabatha. She was the most beautiful girl Kax had ever seen. Curly brown hair, bright red cheeks, and eyes greener and more beautiful than he had ever seen. After a two years of awkward courtship, the pair fell deeply in love. They got married after three years, and after four they'd adopted a pair of twins - a girl and a boy, which they named Rei Tera and Lucus.

    But as a looming civil war threatened to tear Skyrim apart, Tel-Zaf Kax began to consider leaving his home to go join the Stormcloaks. But before he could leave to join the nationalist army, Dawnstar was attacked by a dragon. The militia scrambled to try and hold off the beast, a newcomer appeared wielding swords and wearing a horned helmet. Without a second thought, the stranger leaped into the fray. He was able to push back the dragon, but it still fought on. A stray stream of fire spewed past the newcomer... and right at Tabatha and Kax's house. Kax turned from the battle, rushing into the now-burning building to rescue his wife and children. He managed to find them and get them out unharmed, making them run ahead of him.

    But as his children crossed the threshold, the door collapsed. Kax was trapped under the heavy, burning lumber. For a horrible moment, Tel-Zaf Kax thought he was going to die.

    And then the stranger was there, lifting the crossbar just enough for Kax to roll out. The flames on his chest were extinguished with snow. Kax hurried Tabatha and his children to Rolfgin's house. With axe in hand, he returned to the fight, ready to risk death defending his home. But when he returned, it was to discover the stranger standing over the dry skeleton of the dragon, wisps of light dancing around him.

    The stranger went on to introduce himself as Justice, son of Skyrim and Dragonborn. After making sure Tabatha, Rei Tera and Lucus were alright, Tel-Zaff Kax and Justice met in the tavern to talk over ale. "I need a COMPANION," Justice told Kax. "I extend the HONOUR to you, Oswald. Your name is OSWALD, right?"

    It wasn't Oswald, but Kax did owe Justice a deep dept. And he was more than willing to join the dragonborn as a way to restore his long-lost honour. Promising to return and visit whenever he could, Tel-Zaf Kax set off with Justice to travel Skyrim and defend it from the dragon menace.

    Years later, after much growth and many lessons learned, Tel-Zaf Kax and Justice found themselves unwittingly in the Nexus where they encountered a powerful dragon-witch named Feia. She killed Justice, and then severely broke Kax. But not before he cost her an eye and crippled her arm. After killing Kax, she burnt the flesh from his bones and inscribed them with runes that bound him to her service and prevented him from harming her. With that done, she returned the orc to life and explained his predicament to him.

    Tel-Zaf Kax blames Feia for not only Justice's death, but also for dooming Skyrim to certain doom. He has made it his main goal to - somehow - escape her service and return to Skyrim to find Tabatha and his children. While he can't personally hurt Feia, he has only hatred for her. If he can help someone to hurt her, he will. In fact, that seems to be his current goal.
    Miscellaneous: Kax is slave-bound to ChaoticBob's character, Feia.
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