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    Serph Oaruma

    The Basics

    Titles: Asha'man, Mael Haran, Blademaster, Pyromancer,

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Fiend(Humanoid Demon)

    Age: Unaging(Physically mid-20 y.o.)

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Class/Profession: Adventurer, Mercenary, Bartender, Magic Knight

    Power Rating: As a Blademaster(C+), Pyromancer(A+), Asha'man(B+)

    Miscellaneous: Has Multiple Personality Disorder due to how he was created.


    A Huge male reaching 8'0" in height and weighing 250 lbs. Features look young. Flame-red hair cut slightly short, big eyes with night-red irises, small mouth, small ears and a prominent nose. Muscles taut, firm and strong. All body parts are proportional.

    He has two outfits.

    As the Pyromancer he wears this garb. Below he wears red-brown Gi tucked into silver steel-tipped, pointed, metal(demon) boots with caps on the knee area inlaid with sapphire gems and gold linings. All over him a tattoo encompasses his entire body.

    As an Asha'man he wears this garb. On top he wears black silk longsleeves with buttons near the cuffs and on the collar is a dragon pin on one side and a silver sword on the other. Below are black silk breeches with a sword-belt. The sword on his waist rested in an unadorned sheath, the hilt was silver with a heron engraved on it. His boots were as black as night as well. Over all this is a black silk longcoat with a sewn hood.


    As a Pyromancer his demonic urges, the seven deadly sins, are amplified. He is unruly, rude and violent. He will provoke any and all around him. In both fighting and socializing he will not hold back his power or his harsh words.

    As an Asha'man his demonic urges, the seven deadly sins, are suppressed. He is polite and acts like a complete gentleman. He is brutally frank but coats his words in flowery speech. He is merciless and will kill any who slight his honor or endangers him without any sign of remorse.

    Both of his personalities have the common goal: Knowledge and Power. The difference is one uses it with wisdom and the other does not.


    Bag(Black Demonhide worn on the waist or back.), House(CAPSULE), Food(pills), Water(pills), Energy(pills),

    Neutralist Organization License.


    Fireball- Launches a ball of fire from the hands and guided by subconscious.

    Great Fireball- Launches a large fireball in the sky which launch regular fireballs that automatically target foes, releases six fireballs at a time.

    Desert Heat- Makes the temperature of an area 25 paces radius as hot as a scorching desert.

    Ignore Heat- No matter how hot an object is they will not feel it unless it is as hot as lava or hotter.

    Flame Shield- Protect from fire of enemies. Allows cloaking of oneself in fire. Can protect against minor or mild attacks of lava. Takes a short time to prepare.

    Sword of Flame- Not to be taken literally. He can form weapons made of flame. Swords/spears/axes and the like. Projectiles like Flame arrow is not included as fireballs are a pyromancer's long range pyromancy.

    User Friendly- Minor and medium attacks that put the user in its radius do not harm the caster.

    Ignite- Makes a 10ft. - 25ft. radius explode in a wreath of fire. This takes a short while to prepare.

    Flame Cloak- Cloaks the caster in flames from head to toe. Takes some time to prepare.

    Flame Clone- Makes physical double of the caster that has the appearance of being cloaked in flame.

    Fury of fire- The caster is cloaked in what appears to be the head of a dragon with the body a pillar of fire. The fire construct is cylindrical with 5ft. in diameter. Can be used on Flame clones. Very fast in chasing after the target. Takes a lot of time to prepare.

    Fury of Flame- Combines the caster with all clones using Fury of fire to make an even larger and faster construct to completely incinerate the foe. The flame of this attack is almost close enough to lava. Due to the strain of controlling that much fire it can only be used once per fight. If ever used more than once expect the caster to faint from exhaustion. If used thrice then the caster is courting death already.

    Healing Flames- This technique is used to close surface wounds and some deep wounds. Cracked bones and internal organs are out of league for this move. Self-only.

    *As pyromancy takes energy from outside sources to make it work the only thing that tires the casters is controlling the flame.

    *Any other power not listed here basically counts as flame manipulation. Any stronger/faster made attacks than what is listed here will be due to my character going ballistic/trigger happy.

    *Pyromancy can be learned by anyone by being taught by anyone who uses it. It does not need any inborn traits. Of course there are exceptions to this.

    *Pyromancy can control any and all things that count as flame/fire. unless hand of god(GM) interferes.

    [The One Power] This weaves Air, Wind, Fire, Earth and Spirit to do the will of the user. There are too many ways to list on how this can be used. However since Serph is male Fire and Earth is more dominant in him, spirit is normal in strength.

    *Saidin can only be accessed if he is in the state of Void. To Quote "There is nothing but the void. No emotion, he was one with everything. The light of siadin calls."

    *As a user of the one power he is susceptible to Forkroot Tea. This tea in small amounts can render him unconscious for awhile and when he awakens he will have trouble concentrating. Chanelling will also be impossible for awhile after drinking the tea.

    *Saidin can be taught to any other male human or even part human, still needs to be male. Not everyone can learn it though. The person must be born with the spark in them.

    Fast Recovery- Being of demonic origin makes him heal faster than most species. He also has more energy to spare and can last longer without a wink of sleep.

    Demonic Senses- When fighting, more so when one on one, his senses are sharpened. He can hear things though far away. Notice movements that are hard to see. Smell is not augmented much only slightly. A sixth sense which is more of military training than demonic heritage helps him evade danger.

    Physical Enhancements- Due to him being 8 feet high and largely built you should expect him to hit very hard.

    Inhuman- Lack as heartbeat though he bleeds and does not need to eat, drink, breathe, defecate or other normal human functions. Food and intercourse is just a privilege not a need.

    *Though he is a demon, he shows none of the weaknesses of being one.


    I'll keep it short. He was a demon created to be just like Hitoshura who is a demon general of Lucifer. Close but not the same in comparison to Hitoshura. A heartless , sinful and evil demon he was sent out to many worlds to create havoc and destruction. On one such venture a Pyromancer just as evil as him taught him pyromancy to help him wreak more havoc. In one world he was turning into a living hell he was stopped by an Asha'man. The man who called himself the hand of hope sealed his evil persona and transferred his own persona into Serph using weaves of spirit. This also transferred the Asha'man's ability to use the One Power as well. This killed the Asha'man. Serph's evil persona was never fully sealed and he switches between the two personas randomly or when faced with danger. Eventually, like may others, he wandered into the Nexus.
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