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    Wasplings are a cheeky breed of fey who, while not as cruelly mischievous as some of their kind, cause trouble wherever they go. They are small, feminine creatures who fly on gossamer wings; or at least, that's all they are at first glance, but on closer inspection their lips hide a maw of needle sharp teeth. They often steal clothing and jewellery from humans.

    They can be vindictive and cruel, but are often friendly (albeit blissfully unaware of any problems they cause). They possess the ability to grow and shrink, and can fire bolts of energy from their fingertips.

    Wasplings CR 5
    XP 1,600
    Chaotic Neutral Tiny Fey [Psionic]
    Init +10; Senses ; Perception +13


    AC 18, Touch 18, flatfooted 12; (+6 Dex, +2 Size)
    HP (8d6+16); 44
    Fort +4, Ref +12, Will +8
    DR 5/Cold Iron


    Speed 20 ft, Fly 60 ft (Good).
    Melee Bite +10 (1d3-2)
    Space 5 ft.; Reach 5 ft.
    Special Attacks Wasp's Sting
    Psi-Like Abilities (ML 8th)
    At will - Burst, Expansion, Compression

    3/day Concussion Blast

    Str 6, Dex 25, Con 14, Int 16, Wis 15, Cha 21
    Base Atk +4; CMB -1; CMD +14
    Feats Ability Focus (Wasp's Sting), Alertness, Flyby Attack, Improved Initiative, Weapon FinesseB
    Skills Perception +13, Bluff +16, Fly +22, Stealth +26, Use Magic Device +16
    Languages Common, Sylvan

    Special Abilities

    Sizeshifter (Ex)

    Any Wasplings that change size category (whether by their Psi-Like Abilities or other abilities) may remain at that size until they choose to return to normal, even past the normal duration of the effect.

    A Waspling can return to Tiny Size as a swift action, even if it would otherwise be unable to.

    Wasp's Sting (Su)

    A Waspling is able to fire bolts of energy from their hands, stunning their enemies. As a standard action, a Waspling can make a ranged touch attack. If it hits, the target must make a DC 21 Fortitude Save or be stunned for 1d4 rounds. Success reduces the stunning to 1 round.


    Environment Forests
    Organization Solitary, 3-6 (Gang) or 10-30 (Swarm)
    Treasure Standard

    Wasplings are an enigmatic breed of Fey; they do are almost completely removed from Fey society, and as a species, have no affiliation with the Seelie or Unseelie Courts. For the most part, Wasplings like to spend time around human towns, stealing clothing, jewellery and other things they deem to be pretty. These items are often shrunk down to the Waspling's natural size, making it very difficult for their rightful owners to retrieve them.

    Wasplings are flighty, preferring to run rather than fight, and cause mischief wherever they go. However, they are all but unaware of the trouble they cause, and are not intentionally malicious.

    When threatened, they are likely to use their Compression Ability to become smaller, and harder to hit. They then use their Wasp's Sting ability to stun their enemies, attempting to escape while they are immobilised. When things look dire, they use their Concussion Blast Psi-Like Ability to try and smash their foes to pieces. Before using their Bite Attacks, Wasplings prefer to use their Expansion Power to grow to Medium Size.
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