Nice work turning Skyrim into a snippet. Well written and snappy.


Working for (then siding against) a mad god

These people are all mad.

We asked what seems to be the only sane member of the 'command squad' to explain what's happening. James Morran is what's called the 'Lord Commissar' of the empire. Second in command to Ian Moone, who was a warlord when they met.

That was before they killed the boss of their city-state, wiped out the only actual nation they knew of, and took it over, with Ian declaring himself the God-Emperor.

And now we're part of that empire, apparently. They're sending us as the first wave against a town they didn't participate in the draft. We are to take out whatever air defenses they have. I hope Elle knows what that means.

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It was a moot point. They didn't have defenses of any sort.

How is it that these people took over and rebuilt a nation without knowing about pacifists?

We spoke to the inhabitants. They refused the draft on principle. When we explained what was happening, they sent an envoy. With the attack about to begin, he ran as hard as he could.

We got clear as well. There was nothing else we could do. The envoy was shot on sight, the town was destroyed.

I could do -nothing-. My soul bound to hell for power I couldn't use. What a sick joke.

But...that's not what James signed up for, either.

He chose to help found the nation...and now he plans to kill Ian.

Maybe he's just as bad. His followers seem to be buying into the idea of being heretics too much. But...better him than a evil deity. Hopefully.