I can't help but wonder whether it is true that "virtually no-one cares" about the Edition Warz when a simple scan through these thread show countless folks decrying the ruin that 4e made of D&D and crowing about the success of Pathfinder and how 5e had better look like it if it has any chance of surviving. I do not dispute that I am still an Edition Warrior -- I believe that WotC introduced a radically new and sorely needed paradigm of Big RPG design with 4e -- but I do wonder whether I am really the only one left around here.

I've always been a fence sitter with the edition wars. I personally prefer playing 3e, because I do enjoy the mechanical complexity, but I saw a lot of design goals in 4e I agree with that I really wish had been a core part of 3e. Having 4e style monster design in 3e alone would have made 3e a much more enjoyable experience to me. The healing model (healing surges, healing surge value, and second wind mechanics primarily) I really liked, as well as making sure everyone has level appropriate abilities (even if I may disagree on the specifics of what they determined as level appropriate at higher level)

I like the complexity of 3.5, but I really can't play it without a ton of house rules. At the least I need to do quite a bit of banning, or at least discouraging (ie 'hey guy you probably don't want to play that Monk unless you'd rather be playing your iphone game than actually play D&D with us'). 4e I can play without house rules, and pretty much enjoy it as is (with the exception of some things like skill challenges). I probably wouldn't play 4e outside of the 5-15 range, but that's a wide enough range to cover a solid campaign.