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I can't help but wonder whether it is true that "virtually no-one cares" about the Edition Warz when a simple scan through these thread show countless folks decrying the ruin that 4e made of D&D and crowing about the success of Pathfinder and how 5e had better look like it if it has any chance of surviving. I do not dispute that I am still an Edition Warrior -- I believe that WotC introduced a radically new and sorely needed paradigm of Big RPG design with 4e -- but I do wonder whether I am really the only one left around here.
I'm in the much the same boat as you, if not for the "it's WoW/everything is the same/Not an RPG" types of complaints, I wouldn't get involved at all. I've been around the same road so many times on most of those points though that even those don't trigger my "Someone is wrong on the internet" response as much anymore.