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    Red Element


    The Basics

    Alias: Red, Element

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Techno-Sorcery(Half Demon Magic, Half Science)

    Age: 15

    Alignment: Chaotic Neutral

    Class/Profession: Telekenetic, Prototype Weapon

    Power Rating: As Red C, As Element B

    Miscellaneous: Hates Cigar Smoke a lot.


    An average male reaching 5"5' in height and weighing 140 lbs. Features look young. Raven black hair cut slightly short, slanted eyes with black irises, small mouth, small ears and a pointed nose. Muscles slim, firm and flexible. All body parts are proportional.

    He has two outfits.

    As the persona of Element he wears this garb. A red Xingyi is worn, in short it is a chinese traditional garb for men, somewhat high class. The red flowing garb covers the upper body and part of the lower body. The garment below is black and so are the slippers. A dao(sword is worn on the back). This can be accompanied floating armaments such as tower shields, spears and axes.

    As the persona of Red he wears this garb. A red Tang suit is worn. The upper garment is red whilst the lower garment is black. The slippers are black as well. A brown rucksack on his back. There are two visible daggers sheathed on his waist.


    As Element he is a mindless killing machine that only obeys mission parameters. As Red he still has no inhibitions about killing but is not as one track minded. He enjoys playing mind games such as solving blacksmith puzzles and playing chess. He follows his whims and only does things out of boredom or curiosity.


    Rations, Water bottle, Daggers, Throwing knives, Dao(sword), magically compressed camping gear.

    None yet.


    Telekinesis, Flash-step, Hard body.


    At the moment he simply believes that he is a living weapon. Obviously there is more than meets the eye. Once he was a human child but he died and turned into changeling demon. The reason for this is that his life was a miserable one with a sad death. As a changeling demon he wandered the netherworld for thousands of years. In this time he mastered many spells and gained much knowledge. When he became a demon lord he locked away his persona of Red and adopted a more fitting and cruel one by the name of Element. These two personas would fight every now and then but Element remained dominant. His power attracted the shadow race. Though he was powerful he could not stand up to the combined powers of Grantz, Ivan and Xin. Though they were failed experiments they were still made to challenge the power of one of Lucifer's top generals Hitoshura. This fight had drained him of all the power he gained through out the years but he did destroy all three foes.

    Although this was the case the shadow race decided to take him in as another experiment for a living weapon. It took them a decade but they managed to make him regain a portion of his power but this time under their thrall. He was sent to the Nexus to grow stronger as a weapon with Element's persona at the lead. However a fight with three strong foes jogged his head and made Red as the dominant persona. As Red he continued to grow stronger and the shadow race never suspected a thing. When they thought him strong enough for the moment they sent shadow to retrieve him for mass production.

    Through this Red unveils his origins. Alongside Serph who was an experiment just like him and shadow who decided to help him to redeem himself they traveled to a place called demon nest. With the help of a seemingly invincible adventurer they make it to the center of the place where he was allowed to make one wish. He wished that he never became a demon. His wish is granted but his story does not end here.

    During the time where he died and supposed to become a changeling his life was saved by scientists. This did not turn out to simply be an act of kindness. His life was now used to further experiments on human powers. Here he gained the power of telekinesis. The project advanced and he gained the ability to absorb objects like swords into his body and use them later if so needed. Once his body reached the limit of being experimented on he was sent to the Nexus in an egg state to test him out. When he landed in the Nexus something went wrong and he was stuck in the egg state, the programming in his head also went awry and created two separate personas namely Red and Element.

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