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    Ah, yeah, it's probably a lack of setting knowledge. The Maidens are 5 of the most powerful gods in the setting, part of the Incarna which rules heaven. They are representations of fate. In this case, it's basically using their collective name in place of 'gods' or whatever. Essentially, very weak curse.

    In exalted, when someone is referred to as capital C Chosen of X, it means they're exalted, with the X referring to their patron. Chosen of Endings means the character in question is a Sidereal, and more specifically the Chosen of Saturn, the Maiden of Endings. Her purview is, well, endings.

    The Bull of the North is a major in setting character. Some years before the normal start of the game, setting wise, he Exalted as a Solar, one of the strongest types of Exalts. Now, normally he'd be hunted down, as the most powerful religion in the world says that non-Dragonblooded(elemental based Exalts) are evil demons possessing people, most especially the Solars. So he starts gathering the tribes of his people, and basically starts pulling a Genghis Khan.

    But the Bull exalted far from the centers of power, and so had some time to grow in strength. Then, due to politics, the legions the Realm(most powerful nation, and who's state religion is the aforementioned one), were internally sabotaged, as they belonged to a noble house that was getting too powerful. Unfortunately, the Head of State disappeared while this was going on, and the other houses say this as an opportunity to further lame the house in question. This combined with the Bull being stronger than though lead to the complete destruction of the house's legions, instead of simply humbling them. Furthermore, now the Realm can't effectively strike at the Bull, as it's primary offensive weapon besides the Legions relied on the Head of State.

    Also, the Sidereals were involved in the Bull of the North campaign, and several died in the process. Normally, for exalted, this isn't a problem: the exaltations just go and chose someone else. But Sidereal Exaltations, for a variety of reasons, take about 20 years to go through this process, and the Sidereal Exalted are fewer in number and more overworked than any other type. So, the guy in question is calling it a Debacle.

    So, yeah, tons of setting stuff involved in that sentence.
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