Rene Montagne

Alias: The Wallflower, The Urban Spook
Gender: Female
Race/Species: Human
Age: 28
Alignment: True Neutral, leaning towards evil
Class/Profession: Bountyhunter/Private eye
Power Rating: B

Description: Rene stands at 5'7" and weighs about 130 lbs. Her slim build is made less so for some muscler that she has gained conditioning her body for her line of work. Her short hair is naturally dark brown but she dyes it black with red highlights. Rene usually wears some baggy black pants, some simple boots, a long sleeve shirt. One of the only thing that she always wears are some sunglasses that have pink tinted glasses.

Personality: Rene is fairly calm and easy going but is very efficient when it comes to her job. The bottom line is what she looks towards, as long as that bottom line works for her then everythign is good. She is somewhat hard to reason with due to the fact that she acts very much on a whim.

Equipment: Rene's main weapons are a pair of machine pistols and a combat knife. She keeps the knife in a small sheath that has been built into her boot. Her only other special piece of equipment are her glasses that allow her to see through walls, only walls that are not metal of some sort. Otherwise she has a duffle bag with differnt equpiment that is useful for surveillance. She also has an mp3 player on her at all times.

Abilities: Rene has trained a fair amount in different martial arts and combat forms but her supernatural ability to move in between walls is her trademark. Rene has the ability to move in between walls, or more percisely in the spaces in the walls. Once she is inside of the wall she can move as easily as walking,jump out of the wall to surprise and pull people in.

Backstory: To be written later