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    The reaction of the narrator (who's sort of chilling in Aztra's skull without making this 1st person) represents my initial reaction to the name when I saw it. "Ugh, that is the dumbest name ever." *REJECTED* But eventually, the more I thought about it, the more I realized it was in fact the GREATEST name. It has forever replaced "The Roaming Knight" as my go-to inn name.

    Cyric and Vaalfar are the same person. Erm, incubus. The bit about the 'stories' was just supposed to be a drawback to the name of the tavern and imply some generically unsavory deeds by the lords of this land. Any advice on edits I can make to clarify those two points? I've been writing for a long time without sharing, so there tends to be great swaths of information I think is obvious that may not be so.

    Glad you liked it, lh4K. I shall definitely have to post more.
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