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    Tomas Smith

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 36

    Identifies most closely with Chaotic Neutral.

    Class/Profession: Soldier/Survivalist/Scavenger

    Power Rating:
    Going by Neon Knight's scale, probably a D+/C-. Skilled fighter, but his equipment (power armor and advanced weaponry) is the real threat.

    Description: Tomas is an even 6'0", and has brown eyes with brown hair slicked up in the traditional 1950s "greaser" style. He is lean and well-muscled, a result of spending a lifetime fighting for survival in the wastes. Tomas has several scars from encounters with various unsavory characters; specifically, a short scar on his left cheek and shrapnel scars on his hands.

    Personality: Tomas is a survivalist, and as such tends to be a bit self-centered, looking for the best way to advantage himself in any situation. That said, he isn't evil. Scavenging is Tomas' greatest love, and he'll jump at the chance to obtain something interesting, useful, or visually unique, even if he has no idea what it does.

    Equipment: Tomas' most noticeable piece of equipment is his beat-up old suit of T-45d power armor, which he stripped off of the corpse of a dead Brotherhood of Steel member that he stumbled across. He's also got several energy weapons and a shock baton.

    In terms of non-combat equipment, as an expert scavenger, Tomas has myriad bags and packs which are stuffed full of scavenged equipment and supplies. When lucky, Tomas sometimes has a bit of salvage on hand which may help him in a given situation, though this is not a common occurrence.

    Backstory: Tomas grew up in the outskirts of the D.C. wasteland, circa the 2270s. He spent years roaming around, scavenging, fighting, and generally just surviving. Despite his extensive time in the wasteland, he never got caught up in the factional conflict which wracked the area. Over the years, he became obsessed with scavenging, often risking his life in dangerous trips into old ruins.

    One day, a trip into a run-down old science facility went wrong, and when Tomas woke up, he found himself in an unfamiliar city.

    Jaren Mylauk

    Gender: Male

    Race/Species: Human

    Age: 24


    Class/Profession: Mercenary

    Power Rating:
    Going by Neon Knight's scale, probably an even C. Highly skilled fighter with enhanced toughness and agility. No stronger than a normal human, though, and a bullet wound is still going to be cause for concern.

    Description: Jaren is on the shorter side at 5'7", with hazel eyes and close-cropped dirty blonde hair. His build is lean and wiry. He typically can be found wearing a long brown coat (the better to conceal weaponry with) over body armor and jeans.

    Personality: Jaren has a love for humor and doesn't really take life too seriously, so long as he's not fighting. Jaren exults in the thrill of a good fight, and loves to test himself in combat. Few things are more satisfying to him than walking away untouched while your opponent lies in a pool of their own blood. This has the unfortunate side effect of rendering him a bit arrogant in battle and, thusly, more exposed than he probably should be, but hey, what would life be without some complications?

    Equipment: Jaren wears lightweight synthetic body armor over his chest, abdomen, and upper arms. This body armor offers roughly the same protection as chainmail might, though it's more effective against firearms/energy attacks and less effective against melee strikes.

    As far as weaponry, Jaren has a pistol and shotgun, as well as two tech-enhanced swords, his preferred method of engagement.

    Backstory: Jaren is from a near-future version of our Earth. He was a member of a mercenary corporation which specialized in enhancing its product both genetically and cybernetically. (He's not from Deus Ex, though.) Jaren joined for the money, and stayed for the thrills. He's become perhaps too fond of mercenary work over the years. His chopper went down over Central America in his latest mission, and came back up in the Nexus.
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