I dunno, the running water thing works for me. Were I DM, I would have let it pass if he were trying to block the vamp of. On the other hand, the running water thing has a great deal more to it than water, so you couldn't expect the same thing. I love that your vamp thought of that.

We kill a mad god (twice)

Again with being conscripted. What is with these people, and how did they not have a coup sooner?

James' army calls themselves 'chaos' for some reason. I don't get it, but I'm not going to argue with an army of warriors twice my size in spiked armor...

In any case...the capital broke into a civil war. We played both sides as long as we could. It didn't work out that well.

I really hate guns.

In any case, we found the fight between Ian and James and leapt into the fray. The guy was really tough. It took longer to kill him than it took to kill most dragons. My blasts, Logrim and Kaldrig slicing at him, Elle with her gun, James with a two-handed gun of some kind...

He finally fell, and we were returned to the main room of the tower. Going through the final door, we found ourselves in that desert, save that the sword and pedestal were there. A younger version of that madman guarded it. He apparently got the idea to call himself God-Emperor from us. My head hurts.


He challenged us to single combat. He was no real challenge...in this form, he wasn't a match for even one of us. I wonder how he got so strong... Meanwhile, Neeshka grabbed the sword and brought down the tower. She also grabbed Ian's gun, which is bigger than the ones the HPD gave us before. She almost shot us by mistake before Elle took it off her with promises of teaching her to use it.

I *hate* guns.

So apparently a paradox won't end the world. Unless it did end that world. Which would mean...

...Nevermind, I don't want to dwell on it.

And wizards think my powers are messed-up.

Though...James' performance was weaker than it would have been had the DM asked for a copy of the character sheet. Sigh.