Based on bug reports, concerns, and criticisms the following changes have been made since this was posted.

  • General -Updated Distracted and Extremely Distracted penalties. Removed Shocked.
  • General - Disguise renamed to Transformation to better indicate revised focus
  • Appraisal - Detect Fraud removed from Appraisal; ability to tell real merch from fake rolled back into standard Appraise abilities.
  • Concentration / Endurance / Escape Artistry - New end conditions for secondary save abilities - +5 total bonus = success; DC-11 = failure. Boosted bonus modifiers to +/-2 and +/-3.
  • Concentration - Split up Split Focus and Manage Interruption abilities of Concentration, since they were aimed at different things. New text should be more clear.
  • Dowsing - Sense Presence moved to rank 8. Blindsense at level 3 was probably too much anyway.
  • Dowsing - Sense Presence now grants passive perception with your blindsense based on your dowsing bonus. Increased action to take a real "notice" check with blindsense from Sense Presence to standard action. Limited to 1 check per round. This is basically a standardization of action costs with Notice ability in perception.
  • Dowsing - Sense Presence now disallows standard notice checks other than passive ones. Perception considered distracted (-5 penalty) while it's active. Using both at once was not intentional.
  • Endurance - Clarity edit for Not Finished Yet so that targets are only stunned if that is a less bad condition than the alternative, like dead. Also specified that immunity to stun does not apply in that case.
  • Legerdemain - Clarified Conceal Action ability. Now only applies to touch and sight events, adds to base perception DC instead of replacing it (for touch applications), and does not grant an immediate notice check in violation of notice limit.
  • Legerdemain - Added Faster than the False Eyes ability to Legerdemain, so they can deal with enhanced senses. May still split the ability, to better mirror other enhanced sense countering abilities.
  • Perception - Special sensory abilities updated and clarified in Notice ability. They are now included in every passive and active check, since it works out the same way.
  • Perception - Notice now only allows one check per round, whether it is passive or active.
  • Perception - Discern Fraud lost reroll ability, as it wouldn't work as intended.
  • Perception - Discern Transformation renamed, and now used to detect Transfigurations. Rolling well allows ability to dismiss Transfigurations with a touch attack or grants bonus on dispel checks.
  • Stealth -Foil Senses was broken up into two groups. Tremor and blindsense are blocked at rank 8, and blindsense is blocked at rank 10.
  • Transformation - Costumes limited to disguise level abilities. Still grant minor height and weight changing.
  • Transformation - Fire-retardant face paint given a 10 day expiration.
  • Transformation - Fantastic Costume et al renamed to Transfiguration abilities. Limited number of abilities on hand at any time, but can be spread across one or many transformations as desired. Duration nerfs as well. Now opposed by Discern Transmutation in perception, and can not be seen by insufficiently trained individuals. Also given 10 day expiration.
  • Transformation - Transfiguration abilities moved back 2 ranks, to more directly compete with polymorph and to line up with Discern Transmutation in Perception. Alter self is largely ignored now though.

That's actually a pretty big set of changes. If anyone here comes across something odd, feel free to let me know. I won't promise it'll get changed, since it may be working as intended, but it will certainly get looked at and discussed.