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Thread: D&D Snippets II: The Snippetting

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    Oh, my! A wild Name Change appears! Seriously I didn't really expect that thing to ever go through.

    "Maybe it's because you two are insensitive jerks to the NPCs," Ed's corpse suggested.

    "Hush, you're dead and undermining Clarice's angry speech," Zarovich said reproachfully.
    As always, your treatment of their "ooc" dialogue is awesome.

    Strahd Von Zarovich sighed exasperatedly, then let out a shriek of agony as his skin began to steam and burn.
    Oh man. I still don't think I'd allow this. Very funny though.

    "I'm going home."
    Yessssss. Get out of there while you can Clarice!

    "Come on inside," the young woman said with a smile.
    Oooh, good touch. Poor Clarice though (and I love how von Zarovich keeps saying her name). I suppose he was telling the truth about curing her lycanthopy, though--maybe. If it works like that. Looking forward to seeing how she interacts with the party now (and what vampire mythology you're going with as far as personality/alignment/etc).

    To be honest, I didn't like this one as much as some of the others. It seemed to jump around a lot, especially the first several paragraphs. This moment especially left me wishing for more explanation:

    We played both sides as long as we could. It didn't work out that well.

    I really hate guns.
    We know they've encountered guns before, but there's no particular reason for Kalach to hate them right now. The best I can do is assume that "it didn't work out that well" was on account of something particular to guns, but I'm in the dark as to what that is--a little more exposition here would make it a lot clearer.

    I did really enjoy his treatment/analysis of the time travel/whatever-it-was that went on there. His comment at the end about the relative weirdness of his powers vs time travel shenanigans is great, too. Overall, I just wish this snippet were fleshed out with a little more detail about specific anecdotes and so forth.
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