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    Jit Falnon

    Alias : Jit (prefix letters mark his personal timeline, see later)
    Gender: Male
    Race: Psychic Terran
    Age: around 186 (ceased aging at 28)
    Alignment: CN, leans more towards good, but definitely not above getting his hands quite dirty.
    Training: Alliance Ghost program (assassination, firearms training, psiblade proficiency, minor psychic capabilities), Roman legion (swordsmanship and tactics), others not named (I'm thinking through feasible options)
    Power Rating : Quinsar Rating 4-6, Neon Knight C- through B. Jit's power level varies depending on where he is on his personal timeline.
    Description: Jit is a fairly tall human in his late 20s with brown hair and metallic eyes. His outfit is generally More along the lines of jeans, a cowboy hat, and a duster jacket, but if he is expecting a fight he'll change into his old Ghost body armor.

    Jit By Ceika

    Personality: Jit is usually pretty carefree, but his personality does vary with his personal timeline (earlier in the timeline he's more aggressive, later he calms down, recent traumas may have effects, etc.)
    Known equipment:
    Box of money: contains thousands of currencies sorted by type, standard, and average tech level
    C-10 Canister rifle: Standard Ghost issue sniper rifle. In later periods, Jit has modifications for special ammo, such as psychically-based stun bullets or high explosive rounds, and has mods on the gun for a full auto mode.
    Psyblades: A modification from the Protoss weapons designed for use by Ghosts, these gauntlets are Jit's prized possessions. They create wrist blades of pure energy when in use, and Jit is very adept with them.
    Eye modifications: eyes have been cybernetically augmented, allowing them to function as cameras. Includes a zoom function.
    Belt of Wonder: Contains all of Jit's items, but he can only access up to three at a time.
    Abilities: Jit is a trained assassin at all times. As his timeline advances, his psychic powers also become consistently stronger.
    Chrono-dislocation: Jit randomly warps around in time and space, and even between dimensions. This means that he has frequently met people before they meet him, and vice-versa. This is the reason for the references to Jit's "personal timeline". This is based off of what he has experienced since his first time warp.
    Immortality: as part of his chrono-dislocation, Jit cannot die. However, if he is mortally wounded, he passes out and wakes up somewhere/sometime else. Generally, the results of these trips are quite nasty, and can include short-term amnesia.
    Weaknesses: Jit's greatest weakness is his condition. If he is near a strong source of time energy (time machines that are turned on, etc.), it will overload and generally do one of three things: 1. explode, 2. Send him off somewhere random, or 3. both.
    Backstory: Jit was born in the Korprulu Sector and was engulfed in the Great War. His parents were born on Korhal, and were Mensk loyalists, so when Raynor's Raiders began to fight back, Jit left home and joined the resistance. After the War, Jit joined the Alliance, composed of Terran and Protoss leaders. There, his psychic potential was discovered and he entered the Ghost program. After a few months, though, he vanished. He soon discovered that he was being thrown about in the time space continuum. He would vanish, and reappear at random. Every time, a seemingly random item would come with him, such as his psiblade gauntlets, which were in his quarters. His rifle and ghost armor also came along, since he was carrying them. He found himself in a high fantasy world, where he acquired his belt. Since, he has never been in the same place for more than 6 months at a time.
    Note: because of Jit's condition of chronological displacement, at any given time he may or may not know things about characters that he hasn't met in posting. That's because he meets them in their future, which is his past. The reverse is also true, where Town characters meet him in their past, which is his future.
    In another dimension known as the Town (yes, it still exists independently), Jit aided in the process of closing a hell portal opened several years ago. In the process, and demon child drained some of his energy. When the child's other half arrived and recombined to become whole again, she introduced herself as Danae. Then it turned out that draining his energy had afflicted her with the chrono-dislocation. Then they arrived in the Nexus.
    Different Jits: because Jit's time warp is random, I'll include prefixes to mark what he looks like. Without any prefix letter, assume the standard.
    fJit: Feral Jit, one of the earliest in the timeline, fJit has only been time warping for about 20-30 years. He recently was the subject of an experiment that causes him to turn into a feral creature in response to pain. fJit's clothes are battered and torn, his hair is shaggy, he is usually barefoot, and closer inspection reveals that he has brown eyes instead of the cybernetic ones of later Jits. When injured, his eyes get a feral gleam and he loses control, attacking with a full set of energy claws (wolverine meets red lightsaber). Also, fJit has outstanding regenerative capabilities, also as a result of the experimentation.
    oJit: Old Jit is one of the latest in Jit's timeline I intend to use. The main distinguishing feature of oJit is that he has a small streak of grey in his hair. He is the least aggressive and most informed about his condition, and is fairly close to understanding it.


    Alias: None, yet/Too many to count
    Gender: female
    Race: Sucurine (succubus-eyrines hybrid)
    Age: mid teens, can appear at any age, usually looks around 8
    Alignment: CN, mostly
    Class basics : Rogue and bard qualities
    Power Rating: Quinsar 3-4, Neon Knight D
    Description : As a shapeshifter, Danae can change her appearance to fit her needs, but she usually appears as an 8-year old girl with flaming red hair and fair skin. Sometimes she'll add horns or a tail. I have an avatar around somewhere, but am too lazy to find it.
    Personality: For her age, Danae is very grown up. This is mostly because she retains the memories of the evil side of her during the split. Pro parenting tip: An army of demons/devils is not a good place for a young girl. She is incredibly flirtatious (mostly the result of her heritage), and enjoys making people uncomfortable by being incredibly flirtatious while looking like an 8-year old.
    Equipment: A dagger that seems to be bound to her. She's not sure how, but she always has it on her.
    Magic Bag of Invisibility: A Bag of Holding, but better and invisible.
    The Visage of Xn-Kxrlth: Apparently the repository of all knowledge. No that she knows how to work it, but eventually she'll work it out. For now it's just a kind of cool mask in her magic bag of invisibility. Acquired from a Rebonack Random Encounter (TM) (which should explain everything)
    Abilities: Danae is a shapeshifter, and can take any humanoid form without difficulty. She's also trained herself to be able to take nonhumanoid forms, though these put her under a lot of strain and cannot be maintained for long. These are actual changes in form, not illusions.
    Weaknesses: Not too fond of silver, cold iron, holy water, or excessive religion.
    Backstory: Danae is E's granddaughter. Her mother, Rebecca, used her as a sacrifice to open a hellgate in the sewers of the Town. This split her into good and evil parts, with the evil part trapped in hell. When Jit and his companions went to close the portal, the evil part absorbed some of Jit's energy, and his condition along with it. Then, after Jit disabled the evil side, her good side woke up and went to recombine with the evil. Now she's whole again, and stuck wandering through time and space with Jit.
    Speech patterns:
    Regular is her normal speech (adult tone, volume, and general speech pattern)
    Courier New font means that she is playing the part of the 8-year old she usually looks like (more of a childish tone and speech pattern)


    Alias: none
    Gender: Male
    Race: Human-Timelord hybrid (It's weird)
    Age: roughly 230 (Or -99,999,770 if you're going off of date of birth)
    Alignment: CG (his heart is in the right place, but he's willing to use some extreme measures)
    Class/Profession: Jiggery-pokerymancer (he's basically a tinker that can do a few things that the laws of physics/time and space say he shouldn't be able to)
    Power Level: Naturally on the high end of human, but is a skilled pilot of machines (therefore the details depend on if/what he's piloting)
    Abilities: Nearly everything a Timelord can do, but lacks regeneration and double hearts. Also cannot survive outside of Martin due to modification made to allow him to pilot the cyber. This has been fixed.
    Items: various gizmos, and a Jacket of Bottomless Pockets to store them in. Very few direct weapons, fewer that work, and even fewer that work on humanoids
    Description: To come, see image

    Image shamelessly stolen from Who (Mark is a clone of one of his characters, he's on another forum)

    Backstory: About 100 million years in the Town's future, Who's TARDIS landed and the Timelord fell out of it, human. He had changed his nature using a Chameleon arch to try and stop a poison that was destroying his mind. It failed, but the future Town scinetists were able to secure a sample of his DNA and the watch that contained his Timelord essence and memories. After the poison killed Who, they cloned him, and exposed the clone, Mark, to the watch. The results were mixed. Mark obtained all of the memories regarding the Timelord culture and technological advances, but had absolutely minimal access to Who's actual memories of how he learned these things (Imagine it as Mark has memorized a book written by Who tat contains the entire sum of Who's non-personal fact knowledge). Mark then spent the next 230 years working with Who's TARDIS, ultimately building the Town's emergency evacuation device, which he named Martin, around the TARDIS. Mark solved the issue of nesting before doing this. Then, two years ago, a number of scientists released the plague virus known as Chimera. Mark was utlimately forced to flee with no one else, and had to figure out how to pilot Martin without the 80 person crew it was designed for. With the help of Martin, Mark was able to design a chemical that made his vital functions run with no attention from his mind, allowing him to simply plug into the control interface. The drawback is that now Mark cannot survive without the chemical, which can only be produced by Martin, and which is consumed too rapidly for a portable source to be viable.
    After Martin was able to isolate Chimera's intelligence and put it into a human vessel, the robot and the pilot got into an argument, which ended in Mark getting teleported through dimensions into an alternate Town the Nexus. He's a little bitter about that.
    Personality: Mark is pretty cheerful, and definitely fits the absent minded scientist (he nearly forgot to reactivate the life support once). He hates Chimera with a passion for destroying his home.

    Anastram Gryphonclaw
    Alias: Anastram, The Blade of the Eternal Lady
    Gender: Formerly male, technically eunuch (skeleton)
    Race: awakened orc skeleton
    Alignment: LN. Anastram's morals are strongly aligned with those of his patron, Wee Jas (modified from the standard DnD goddess)
    Class: Soulknife/Kensai. Anastram as mastered his mind blade as his signature weapon, making it one of the most powerful weapons in his world
    Power rating: 6 or A-. Anastram is quite legendary in his homeworld, although that is mostly due to the fact that magic weapons are very rare, and between his power as a Soulknife and as a Kensai his mind blade is around +18 equivalent
    Description: Anastram is a skeleton. He is a very large skeleton for a humanoid, standing on the high end of 6'7". His armor consist of a breastplate of highly enchanted mithril. He wears a black cloak embroidered with the holy symbol of Wee Jas, which has also been pressed onto his armor. His gloves are a supple red leather, as are his boots. His helm leaves open the facial structure of his skull, but is otherwise fairly simple. His mind blade (when in use) is an orange katana made of pure psychic energy.
    Personality: Anastram has been around for centuries, but died when he was in his early 30s. As a legendary warrior, he can be arrogant at times, but his most defining characteristic is his unwavering loyalty to his patron, the goddess Wee Jas. He believes it was her magic that brought him back as an awakened skeleton, rather than one of the mindless rabble, and would gladly lay down his unlife for her in thanks for the many extra years she granted him. He has no fear of losing his unlife, since he has had many centuries to make peace with the fact that his awakening was a blessing that will end some day, and he therefore fights with little restraint and much joy.
    Equipment: Anastram's breastplate is heavily enchanted and made of mithril, making it very light and unrestrictive. His cloak enhances his personality, as well as aiding him in defense against magic(DnD combo charisma and resistance). His boots enhance his speed and mobility greatly (DnD levitation, striding and springing, and winged), while his gloves aid his reflexes and each contain an enchanted tile that heals him when broken (DEX, arrow catching, and storage [2 Enchanted Tiles of Harm]).
    His mind blade is his most starling trait. While most mind blades are a glowing green, undeath has had a strange interaction with Anastram's mind blade. It now burns a flaming orange, and is very strongly enchanted with a variety of abilities, which Anastram can change with an hour of meditation.
    Mind Blade: Anastram can form his mind blade (usually in the form of a katana, wielded 2-handed) at will, and can charge it with psychic energy to cause extra damage
    Power Surge: Anastram's conviction and focus allows him to call upon the strength of his mind to empower his blows. He can occasionally strike with enhanced brutality for a short time, though this grows harder the more he does it without resting his mind.
    Eternal Preservation: Anastram's service to Wee Jas has not gone unrewarded. She has blessed him with one of her greatest boons, Eternal Preservation. If he is destroyed, his body will reanimate within the next week. If it is destroyed, his body will be reconstructed in the nearest graveyard, but this takes closer to a month.
    Notes: Anastram is from a homebrew world made by my cousin. In this world, there are no outer planes, so the gods live on the Material, which is made up of many planetoids bound together by chains. The gods are also unaligned. Instead, the represent an ideal. Wee Jas was originally the wife of Nerull and they together represented the ideal of inevitability (usually of death/taxes). At some point, something (undisclosed for plot reasons), she had a change of heart, left Nerull, and became the goddess of the ideal that some things must be preserved forever. To this end, she founded Necropolis, an undead city (usually he's better with original names).
    The other part of it is that magic is nearly restricted to gods. Outside of the gods and a very select number of mortals, only quasi-magic/psionic classes (rangers, paladins, soulknives, psychic warriors, etc) exist
    Oh, and dwarves don't exist, so he mixed their fluff into orcs. Orcs in this world are more of a cross between Elder Scrolls orcs and DnD dwarves than DnD orcs.
    Backstory: Anastram was born under a different name. He doesn't remember it, and he doesn't care. When he died, he was brought back, but for some reason, he wasn't mindless like his comrades. It took him several decades to become accustomed to unlife, but when he did he became a loyal servant of Wee Jas. Through many adventures, he rose through the ranks until eventually becoming her personal champion and agent. He came to the Nexus on a fluke, when a portal to the Far malfunctioned and sent him spiraling across the dimensional boundaries. His link to Wee Jas is weakened by the great distance, but it is still enough for him to make contact with her in places where the planar/dimensional boundary is weak (read: the whole bloody Nexus) and for her power to keep him from passing on completely (usually Eternal Preservation prevents him from being destroyed)
    Notes: as an undead, Anastram is simply immune to many effects, so don't think I'm godmodding if some of your abilities simply fail.
    When he communes with Wee Jas, she will speak in bolded dark red
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