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    Syela Rodis

    Gender: Female

    Race/Species: Half human/satyr.

    Age: 18

    Profession: Apprentice alchemist

    Syela is a young half satyr woman with caucasian/african features. She's average in height and has fully, slightly chubby figure. Her hair is brown and very curly. Her skin is a lighter brown and her eyes are green with horizontal pupils. She has a pair of short horns and goat-like ears. Her clothing is often flattering and intended to show off in some way.

    Syela is an intelligent, studious person. She's inquisitive and pushes herself to learn new things. Outside of that she can often come across as flippant. Insults tend to hit her especially hard and she doesn't react to them well; especially those relating to her heritage. She has a bit of a manipulative streak.

    Syela possesses no noteworthy abilities.

    Syela was the product of a union between a peasant woman and a satyr. She grew up without knowing her father, and her mother refused to tell her anything about him. The signs of his heritage were clear, however, and the other children in her village would often treat her with cruelty. Even some of the adults would say hurtful things.

    Syela had quite an interest in education where most people were not. She took to spending much of her time with the local alchemist. He'd often allow her to observe him and had her fetch things for him. She even learned to read, a rarity among those in the village.

    One day she decided to leave home. Even she's not sure why. Partially frustration, partially wanderlust, she just knew she needed to go. It didn't take her too long to find herself in the Nexus.
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