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    Vierzt B'xarenef
    Alias: None
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Drow
    Age: 64 (21 in human years)
    Alignment: Chaotic Good/Chaotic Neutral
    Class/Profession: Hunter
    Power Rating: A-
    Description: Vierzt is tall and lean. His long hair swishes around his bony shoulders and muscled, bare top. A longbow is strung about his waist, and a serrated knife is hung from his sash. His green eyes gleam. His face is smooth and attractive.
    Personality: Vierzt is usually cocky., but is prone to extreme mood swings.
    Equipment: His sash, his serrated knife, and his bow.
    Abilities: Archery that rivals Legolas and Katniss. Survival skills.
    Backstory: Vierzt was born alongside T'rissylene, Nixa and Elkandar. His mother didn't want a son, so they left him and Elkandar to die. Elkandar was taken by dwarves, while Vierzt was left to fend for himself. He has vague memories of himself and Elkandar, wrestling and playing, sleeping, only toddlers, and fending for themselves. He hopes to find him again. However, he has no idea that he's got a sister.
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