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    Aliases: N/A
    Gender: Female
    Species: Altered Human
    Profession: None
    Power Rating: Unknown

    Description: Asenath appears as a young woman wearing a tattered beige robe with its sleeves torn off. The robe reaches down to just above her ankle, and is ragged at the edges. She also wears worn leather sandals of an older style, which have straps bound almost up to the knee. Cream colored bandages are wrapped over her entire left arm, her right hand, around the ankle and foot of her left leg, and over her left eye. Small, flat, rectangular copper charms are tucked carefully into the bandages, each one bearing a crude pictogram on it.

    She has long white hair, usually a little tangled, and very lightly colored eyes. This, in combination with her extraordinarily pale skin, seems to indicate albinism. She is about 5'7" tall (170cm), and is thin and lacking in both muscle and fat.

    Personality: Asenath is a bit awkward and perhaps a little archaic, and prone to ignoring or trying to repress emotions and memories that she dislikes. However, she tries to be polite and friendly, and frequently acts off of hunches, instinct, and impulses, as she is missing much of her memory; because of this, she often ends up in unusual situations or talking to people she doesn't quite fit in with.

    Equipment: Asenath is incredibly poor at the moment, only owning what she carries on her.

    Abilities: While she can't recall any training or skills she might have, Asenath is no longer human, and does derive some benefits from her change in nature. She no longer eats, drinks, sleeps, or breathes as a human would, though it is inaccurate to say she eschews those functions entirely. While she does not eat regularly or often, she sometimes experiences cravings for strange substances. Water does not appear to be as vital to her as it would be for a human, but she does still thirst every so often, even if she can go for long periods without. While she does not sleep, she does find that she benefits from a more dormant state, and flashes of her memories are more vivid and strange during those times.

    Backstory: Unknown. Asenath recalls little, and what she does recall, she is reluctant to share in its entirety. What is known thus far is that the bandages she wears covers a condition that was inflicted upon her, though she is unsure of the circumstances during which it occurred.
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