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    Mimi Bloodfang


    Species: Pixie

    Age: 25

    Profession: Hunter

    Mimi is a young pixie woman with caucasian features. She's miniscule in height, though tall for a pixie, and has a narrow, leanly muscular figure. Her hair is a short, messy mop of brown. Her skin is a light brown and her eyes are darker brown. On her back are large, green moth wings that allow her to fly. On her head are a pair of fuzzy antenna and she has pointed ears. She's often carelessly dressed with whatever strikes her fancy in the moment.

    Mimi doesn't like things to be complex and has a very direct approach to problem solving. She's strong willed and very reluctant to show any signs of weakness, even when faced with challenges that she is in no way prepared to handle. She's fearless when it comes to many things, except perhaps when it comes to dealing with the more complex emotions. She's far more prone to the more simplistic emotions. It's hard to keep her down for long; she'll always get back up no matter what kind of hardship she faces. She may not be educated, but she's a quick learner and quite clever. She has a hard time being still, or being inactive in general.

    Hunter - While small in size, Mimi is still a practiced hunter and is capable of taking down prey many times her size. She employs her speed and maneuverability to jab her mark with her spear in vulnerable areas. The trick is wearing down and outlasting her prey.

    Pixie Dust - Mimi can produce a fine powder commonly known as pixie dust. It's applications are too numerous to count, but it can be summed up in that it manipulates what it's applied to for a limited time. These effects are always temporary and can be quite significant. That said, she can't change one item entirely into another or do other effects are the too drastic.

    Nanohealing - Riss implanted a nanomachine in her bone just past her elbow. They make her healing much more rapid. Grievous wounds take mere weeks to heal, and it only improves from there. Even limbs can be regrown in months.

    Mimi was born in the Nexus itself, though far from the civilized portions. Her clan was found at the edge of the dangerous Weald. Her people were hunters and gatherers, strong and resilient for their small size. Mimi especially was a skilled hunter, fierce and determined in all thing. Of course, that was expected from the daughter of their leader.

    There's little chance that Mimi would follow after her mother, though. While strong, she's not one to think too far ahead or worry about the big picture. That's fine by her, as she'd much rather forge her own path.
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