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    Oliver Green

    Alias: Just call him Oliver
    Gender: Male
    Race/Species: Human
    Age: 35
    Alignment: Neutral Good
    Class/Profession: Test Jet Pilot/ Navigator (Genius)
    Power Rating: As a person, D. However, his inventions are on a case by case business.
    Description: A blonde-haired caucasian of medium height that usually wears a pilot's jacket and aviator's shades.
    Personality: Bold, daring, reckless, and impatient, Oliver's always on the go.
    Equipment: Currently has a car at his house that has a hover and a submersible mode. Other than that, he has a recoiless pistol enhanced due to mad scienced with an Exelixi upgrade.
    Abilities: Due to being a former Air Force pilot, he has all the associated skills. Also, being a genius, he has an extensive knowledge of mad science that is natural to all Genii. He also has (which comes with being a genius) basic knowledge of how to operate any non Mania-enhanced vehicle. He is especially skilled with any form of vehicle and/or upgrades, being skilled particularly with the axioms of Katastrophi, Apokalypsi, Skafoi, and Exelixi. However, all of his inventions (wonders) fail to work when being touched by a regular mortal, at best just plain not working and at worst exploding violently or becoming orphans (rogue wonders, though some may be benevolent if they are autonomous and have a notion of morality).
    Backstory: To come later.
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